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    Has anyone had this happen to them? I prepared for the NET the last month and a half. The school LPN packet says that you get 60 minutes on the math portion of the test. I studied very hard to complete 60 math questions correctly in 60 minutes. When I sat down to take the test...surprise, I was given only 30 minutes. I ended up leaving 14 unanswered questions which automatically failed me. With this horrible reality in mind, I could not concentrate on the reading part. When I questioned this I was told that all first time test takers get only 30 minutes and that I would be getting 60 minutes on my second attempt. This is really confusing. I was on a roll in the math part until the computer cut me off. I will be taking the NET again next month, but is there something wrong with this practice or what?

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    Quote from GizmosMom
    Here's a website you can check out for a sample NET test:

    I'm taking it this Saturday.
    Good luck!