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    Quote from flg8r
    don't be discouraged. the first time i attended, it was for a day class as well. i thought that i could do the day program and then maybe find a part-time evening shift job to make ends meet. as luck would have it, i couldn't find anything part-time in the evening and then life happend: i separated from my husband so, i had to forget about that one.

    the 2nd time, i found out at the last minute from program director at ptec-clearwater that they were starting up an online class and thought i might be interested. so, i applied and once again, had to attend the mandatory orientation. i had one month to get my immunizations, testing done, etc. i was pressed for time, took the teas without studying, but still managed to score an 85, but still didn't have enough points. there were over 200 applicants for only 24 slots.

    this time, i have everything done that needed to be done. there was no rushing to get anything done, as i had completed everything already. the only thing i did differently this time was to check each and every day the baycare website for jobs. knowing from the past two orientations that this was one way of going thru their eayl program. so, finally i had good luck :d i applied, was told to attend the mandatory orientation or they would not consider me for their program ..... i did so, the next day, i rec'd a call for an interview ...... was told yesterday i have been chosen for the 2nd interview, so i'm hoping to get in thru their program and not have to pay for anything :wink2: the eayl director told me that they have 6 of the 48 slots available reserved just for their students. which means, there are really only 42 slots for over 175 potential applicants. not very good odds!

    i spoke with sherry yesterday about some on this blog saying you could still be accepted, even tho you did not attend their mandatory orientation. she said they do not refuse any applications. however, they put those not on the sign up sheet at the bottom of the stack. she said she does not foresee anyone who did not attend the orientation being accepted, but it's not an impossibility --- just slim chance of being selected with so many applicants from those that applied that did attend.

    good luck to you in whatever route you choose to take.

    i am not familiar with eayl. i hate to be a bother but what is this? i am currently on unemployment and my first six months will be up in october. i can get a extension so i am hoping by then i can work as a cna. these pre-test have me worried too. not a good math student lol. been out of school since 1981. i am going to start getting all my immunizations done and physical, both test and everything else. if for some reason i am not accepted in the january class then i will check into the online classes. thanks for all your help! good luck on your second interview!

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    Quote from Jada'sMommy
    I took my TEAS two days ago and submitted my package for the Oct class. But just a heads up the counselor at the school is on vacation and wont be reviewing the applications until the 25th. Kind of silly because the deadline is Sept 4th so she'll have alot of work to do.

    If you are referring to Sherry Lamb, she is back. I just received a email from her yesterday.

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    Quote from FLg8r
    as stated - it is MANDATORY .... i've attended 2 of them now and STILL had to attend the one on july 22nd to have my application accepted. it is part of their selection process and they also told us at the MANDATORY orientation that they will not consider any application unless you had signed off on their sign-in sheet at the MANDATORY orientation. YOU MUST ATTEND ..... it clearly states that on the application and on the website FAQs ....... and it also said i had to attend the MANDATORY orientation to be considered for the EAYL program. so, good luck to you.

    OMG, you have attended two and still haven't been picked? I am getting nervous now lol

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    I just received a email the other day from Sherry Lamb. She said they had 175 people come to the orientation. There is only 46 spots. She suggested I apply by the deadline so I can get a extra point but chances are slim I would be picked. I am shooting for the January class only cause I have just started the process. This is all so stressful lol. I guess if I get thru this I can do nursing!