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    Hi Evalynn,
    I am going into my 3rd semester at UTH SON and I can tell you that we have many MAC users and I haven't heard anyone complain about compatability issues. As a matter of fact, they brag about not catching viruses
    I can also tell you that we RARELY bring the big books to class so dragging them around campus really doesn't apply. Wait before you purchase a PDA with Pharm software, you may find that you don't really need it and you will have plenty of time to consider it before clinicals start for the semester.

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    here is the info directly from their intranet:

    m. d. anderson parking garage rates - payroll deduction for a parking contract is mandatory for all m. d. anderson employees. parking is available exclusively to employees who work in that building unless otherwise noted. see the campus map, which includes all garage locations. the following is a list of monthly rates for m. d. anderson's garages:

    • bank of america (fbb) – open $94.29
    • bank of america (fbb) – reserved $109.15
    • braeswood $100
    • chase $75
    • chase – reserved $75
    • el rio $44
    • fannin-holcombe building (fhb) $88
    • green park i $45
    • green park ii $52.50
    • introgen $44
    • naomi building $44
    • pawnee $44
    • pressler (cpb and hmb employees only) $125
    • smith-research building (srb) $44
    • south campus garage $60
    • 7227 fannin $44
    • 7707 fannin (blood bank) $45
    • all m. d. anderson night parking $33
    • m. d. anderson multi-access $165
      (for departmental cards only at any three m. d. anderson lots)
    tmc contract parking rates - effective january 1, 2009:
    monthly rate - 2009
    garage 2
    garage 2 ground level
    garage 2 off-peak
    garage 5
    garage 10
    garage 10 off-peak
    garage 15
    garage 17
    garage 18
    2450 holcombe (tmc)
    south extension (brown) lot
    smith lands
    m lot
    sm lot
    au lot
    multiple access
    motorcycle parking permit
    no charge with existing tmc parking contract

    • note: motorcycle parking permit is issued at no cost with any contract, including off-peak parking.
    • m. d. anderson does not determine parking rates for tmc-owned garages and lots.
    • parking rates for m. d. anderson-owned or controlled garages are determined at the beginning of each fiscal year.
    • the texas medical center provides up-to-date visitor parking rates on its website. hourly rates, off-campus discounts, and long-term parking information are also available.

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    The writing sample is based on a medical situation to see how you are with your critical thinking. My situation was a 17 year old boy who is brain dead and his mom and stepdad want to donate his organs. How do you handle this? The interviewer asked me the following questions: Please tell me about you and your background. Why do you want to be a nurse? What is your definition of compassion? Give an example of how you showed compassion to a patient. How many times did you take A & P II? (Also some others but I'm drawing a blank right now). I would recommend that your dress code be business (when you mean business you dress for business!).

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    I want to encourage everyone reading this who doesn't have a 4.0 gpa to apply to UTHSC SON. My science/nurs prereq's gpa is a 3.3 but I scored an 85 on the reading section of the NET and nailed the interview to be admitted to the Fall program. They look at all 3 of these things when making their decision.