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    What would you say was your best study tip for the HESI and how many times did you have to take it.

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    Hi could you email me your school name and its policy on the HESI. I attended SAU and we got three attempts. Sorry to say about 12 of us didn't make it and now we're kicked to the curb. No remediation or another try yet. So i'm trying to find more schools that allow more than 3 attempts in hopes of convincing our school to change their policy a little.

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    Hi everyone,
    At my school we only got 3 attempts at the HESI even though they allowed us to walk during the graduation ceremony we did not officially graduate. My highest score was 837 on the second test and on the third try I did my absolute worst at 721. No more tries, no remediation or anything. All my years ofhard work and determination gone to waste. While in the nursing program I made the majority of B's and some C's in class grades but none of that counted for anything. Now to even be an LPN I have to start over after going and passing all them courses in the RN program. I feel robbed of my dreams. How do you feel about this? Do you know of any other nursing prgrams that would accept me without starting me completely over. some of us have thought about getting a lawyer, what do you thingk? Please reply.