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    I just applied at brightwood college for august 2017 lvn to adn program. Did anyone apply and was it hard to get into? What was your hesi score and wonderlic score?

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    Hi i wanted to let you all know to stop freaking out about this test because about 2 days ago i was a wreck!!!!!!!!!! This test is so scary before you take it because you hear that its really hard. I was studying 8-9 hours a day and starting threads on here to find out about the select all that apply to prepare myself until monday morning the big day. I studied so much thinking i still didn't know enough and kept telling myself the select all that apply questions were going to get me. I literally believed that. I came on here everyday reading everyone's post to keep me from going insane. Right before i took my test on monday the 10th i came on here and received the best advice . It was to take a deep breath before each question and relax and for the select all that apply questions view each answer as true or false and most of them have 3 answers. Easy for everyone to tell you to relax. My advice is to go to pearson vue website and do the nclex tutorial because that is what you see before you get to take your exam and the time it takes you to read that counts as your nclex time also.

    here's how my morning of my nclex went:

    Woke up at 5am
    came on here
    took the nclex tutorial on pearson
    got my ati and id and got in my car
    started driving at 6am( i didn't have to be there until 7:30 to take it at 8)
    i studied all my notes for an hour in the parking lot(prayed in my car)
    got into the building and found the suite # and walked in
    i saw a bunch of men ready to take contractors license tests and for nclex test just me!!!!!!
    I emptied my pockets of everything, put it all in a locker they provide,signed a form, and put my index finger up to be fingerprinted
    some lady let me into the computer room which looked like a mini telemarketer place
    gave me some ear plugs but i didn't use them
    i skipped right through the tutorial straight to the exam (my heart was going so fast that i thought everyone else could hear it-i even sweat through my shirt!!!!!!!1)
    i feel like i can't breathe (the first ? Pops up) i put my head in my hands and took a deep breath and said out loud please god let me pass this test and then i said you can do this!!
    I looked at first question and said oh no because it seemed like two answers were just as good
    i selected the answer and put my head in my hands again- a select all that apply popped up!!!!!!
    Oh no, calmed myself, true or false, i can do this, i selected, another one popped up!!!!!!!!!
    Then i started feeling good because i was told the more select all that applys the better
    i kept going making tally marks for all those and med questions( i had 14 select all q's)
    i got to question 85 and i put my head in my hands and selected
    i looked up (blue screen) and then it says im done and im still freaking out
    it wants me to do a survey( i just clicked on whatever to get the hell out of there!!!!!!!!!!
    I got in my car and i felt good but then i started crying and then i felt good again-phycho!!!!!
    Got home and didn't pay attention to my two year old or four month old because i went straight to pearson vue to do the trick i was told about- got the famous pop-up
    (a little advice on the pearson vue trick- you have to sign in first, and then it will tell your appointment date you had and right next to it if it says delivery successful-click on register-put your info in and after you put your school info in click to go and if it doesn't let you go to payment and a pop up comes up you are in!!!!!!) oh and by the way the questions are not tricky or confusing they are actually quite straight forward (just breathe so your mind does't go blank and act like you are at home and block everything else out. I remember a couple times even on ? # 35 going your still in the game you can do this don't let this stupid test get to you.

    advice on what to study

    mental health assessment
    droplet, contact, airborne precautions
    remember the endinds of drugs
    platelet count
    priority- there is nothing you can read to answer these questions- on the nclex its more of who is not stable right now. There will be four pts and one is not stable- its not tricky-breathe
    inh and b6
    dumping syndrome
    diabetes insipidus and what minipress does
    how to open sterile packaging- step by step
    and there you go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:d

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    I am scared to death to take this test in 4 days and satas scare me the most. Just wanted to be prepared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    so here i go. Graduated in february, had my second baby, and here i go on the 10th to take the test and i am a nervous wreck. I feel like the more i study the less i know. Im trying to keep myself positive but i feel like i am a ball of stress and not one person in my life right now understands what it feels like to await the nclex. I am so scared of the select all that apply questions. I hate those. Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!