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    Sooo I am a new grad working in a small community hospital. It is almost daily that I find myself stressed out. This facility told me I would have all this orienation in my interview. However when I started I very quickly found myself feeling very alone.

    Many of the nurses I work with are less than helpful and I feel that the only time I get feed back is when there is a incident report with my name on it. Lets just take my latest shift. I am the new one and have already been the charge nurse, which I am okay with. It's when I find myself having to TRAIN the RN that has worked for years but still has no clue!!!

    UGGGHHHH I needed that......

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    I can totally understand how you are feeling. I graduated in May and took a job in a very small hospital. We are not very high tech here (hand written MARs, etc) Being new I have made a few errors, transcribing a med as BID but forgetting to put the 2100 dose and just lastnight I admitted two patients and completelty forgot to enter in lab orders for the morning. I feel like the only time I hear from my manager is when I have done something wrong or when there is an incident report waiting for me to fill out when I get in.

    Talking to fellow nurses it appears everyone makes mistakes, what's most important is the patient was not harmed. There is nothing worse than that sickness in your stomach when you realize an error has been made.