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    Hello all, I know this is an old thread, but I would like to gather some information on the Pace University FNP MS program. I know things might have changed since you graduated, but I was interested to get your feedback on the program itself. I've been reading through some forums saying that it was not a good program and that it's difficult and people flunked out. I would like to get an honest opinion from others who may have not had such a negative experience. I did also have a few more specific questions regarding actually getting into the school as well.

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    i agree with futurenurse-- i also used about 90% and 10% saunders and it worked.

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    yes, on my first go at all the question trainers, i was getting scores ranging from 47-57. after i did them over i started getting 60s. on my diagnostic exam and readiness tests i got both times exactly 54 and i still passed my NCLEX in 102 questions. Those scores are not an indicator of how you will do, but if you're not doing well, go back and do them again and look up anything that you do not remember/have not heard of.

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    Quote from wNt2bRN
    my bad i already ordered it..and im starting the test, im done with the QT12 and 3 and i got like 1 and 2 59% and the 3 is 51%..its horrible!!!..
    i've done terrible on question trainers (47-57ish) and took them again a second time after i finished the entire classroom course and did better of course (60ish). i did terrible on my readiness test (54) but that's not a predictor of how you will do on the nclex. i passed the nclex on 102 questions and was the calmest person there

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    Quote from CrystalClear75
    I've done the online course and I didn't think it was very thorough(content). If it were up to me, I would buy the Saunder's comprehension book , read that(or do the questions at the end and if u get 75% or more move on), do the CD(100 per day) all rationales and if you understand all of what you read and the questions, there is a good chance of passing(I've been reading on here for a while and MANY passed doing that) only spending 50 bucks.
    I will say that Kaplan was totally worth every penny. Saunders is very helpful if you can't remember certain content that you learned in nursing school. Kaplan AND the NCLEX assume that you know the content since you already learned it in nursing school. I suggest taking kaplan and if you don't remember something, go back and look it up. The questions that kaplan provides are exactly like the ones on the NCLEX (i know because I just took the nclex and passed first time). :wink2:

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    i just recently graduated from nursing school and just passed my NCLEX, but i guess provide some input from my limited experience. I think that every unit/floor is different and it depends on the kinds of nurses you have on the floor. When I was doing my med surg rotations, i was surrounded by completey selfish grumpy nurses who did not want to help each other, hated each other, and bad mouthed each other all the time. When I was assigned to my preceptorship, I was on a floor where all the nurses got along and they were all friendly and helpful. I really think that it does not just apply to just a magnet hospital, but it applies everywhere-- the kinds of people and environment all depends on their chemistry and attitude towards nursing. i think everyone fighting just needs to take a step back and look at themselves and realize why they're there in the first place, then they can grow up and do their jobs properly.

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    HESI, ATI, and ERI are all more content oriented and very specific which can make things more difficult. I just took the NCLEX on Friday of last week and found out my results (I passed with 102 questions) today. I used various methods of studying to prepare but I think that the most helpful resources came from the Kaplan course that I took. They teach you strategies that work. Although I was doing not so great on ATI/ERIs and only average (60s and a 57 on the readiness test) on tests in Kaplan, neither of those are accurate predictors of how you are going to do on the actual NCLEX. I will say that the Kaplan course questions matched the NCLEX questions closer than any other book (saunders, mosbys, etc.)