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    Unfortunately, the ECFMG certification is easier said than done.

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    Across the nation, there are accelerated nursing education programs for non-nursing professionals. There are also special programs for foreign-trained physicians who want to take up nursing. There's one in Florida and maybe California. I do not know about New York. will you let me know if you find out?

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    Hi Very New,

    Have your nursing credits evaluated by companies who do just that. Google using the key words [foreign education evaluators]. They have a fee schedule. It takes a while because your school in Russia will have to send your transcripts directly to them. They will ananlyze and convert your grades from Russian system to US system and they will indicate in their report whether your BSN from Russia is equivalent to the BSN in the US.

    Good luck!

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    I am glad to hear you are considering going to the Philippines to study nursing. First step is to ask your parents to help you apply for dual citizenship. Since you live in NY, visit the consulate there and inquire. The advantage of you having dual citizenship is that you will not have to worry about renewing your student visa. Remember that being a US citizen, even though you look Filipino, you will be treated as a foreign student. The other advantage is that your tuition fee will be the same as the Filipino citizens. Tuition fees for foreign students are higher. (As a side note, make sure you also obtain a Philippine Passport).

    Some things to consider:
    -Academic year in the Philippines starts in June and ends in March. US academic year ends in May or June. This may cause you problems with schedule. For example, if you graduate from High School in May 2010 (or maybe June 2010 [?] b/c you live in NY); you will be late for the start of the Philippine academic year. They do not admit there semester-to-semester. They only admit at the start of the academic year. Cebu may be different, so find out.
    -You might want to e-mail the admissions coordinator of the school that you are interested to attend so you find out about their requirements (transcripts, etc.). Different schools have different entrance exam requirements. When my friends went there to study (in Quezon City), they went in mid-May, they took the college entrance test required by the school within a week (your SAT or ACT will serve no purpose there); and started school first week in June.
    -You will be 2 years older than your classmates b/c pre-college education there is only 10 years, compared to here of 12 years. Through my dealings with a few Fil-Ams who went there for college, they felt they were "manong" or "manang" to their classmates. That may not be an issue for you though---individual differences.
    -You might want to learn the language/local dialect now, if you do not speak it.
    -Get ready for the heat.

    Hope some of what I babbled about help. Tell your parents that I think their idea is a good idea. Nursing schools in the US are saturated cannot admit everyone who apply even though GPAs are high.