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  • Jun 17 '11

    Yesterday was my official "last day of work" until my baby arrives

    Of course it was the day I had a MRSA/VRE frequent flyer with the overly empowered family, the screaming post-op, two discharges and 4 units of blood products. Didn't get home until 6 and was scheduled til 3!

    But it was fun saying "see you in September!" as I left work

    Just sharing


  • Jun 16 '11

    We so regularly get posts, and I see people at work doing this. Judging someone because they do something different from how we do it. Then the self righteous, I'm perfect, other nurses that disagree with me suck diatribe.
    We've all got our little pet peeves in nursing. It bothers me when people are stingy with narcotics. It bothers me when people insist on waking someone to take their 8am qd vitamin. It bothers me when people crush a pill, mix it with water, THEN pull it into the syringe, leaving half the pill in the med cup. But people do those things, and their patients survive. I'm sure I do things that bother other nurses.

    Can't we just accept that we're different??

    Unless your nursing practice varies from mine because you routinely stab your patients in the eye with a 18 gauge needle to make sure they're arousable, I'm thinking that we're both doing ok.

  • Jun 16 '11

    I don't believe the Autism-Vaccine hype, but even if I did, I'd rather my child be *alive* and have Autism than dead from a preventable disease.

    I cringe at the thought of kiddos being around mine who may not be vaccinated. I can't stop other parents from putting their flesh and blood at risk, but I can with my own!

    *off soap box*

  • Jun 15 '11

    I myself have had to take my son to the ER for an earache when I didn't have the money to go to our primary care doctor. I was working as a nurse but getting called off all the time for low census and my husband had just started a new job after being laid off for 3 months. I come from a "well off" family and I have never known what it is like to not have money. I would rather die than ask for money from my family so we just did our best until things got better. Now I am debt free and I have a very nice life, but I will never forget how I felt during that time. Do people abuse the system? Absolutely. But are there good people out there that are just on temporary hard times? Absolutely. I love how people look at a group of people and refer to them as "those people". Be careful, you never know what lies ahead and you just may find yourself being one of "those people". Our country needs universal health care in my opinion. No one should have to choose between buying groceries and going to the doctor. Just my opinion.

  • Jun 13 '11

    Karma Here,

    Hey all you AN folks out there,

    You know it's summer time.. Some of us have elderly people in our life Family, Friends, might even be the people next door. Elderly people can't cool down like the rest of us so do yourself a favor Check On Them. Yes Check On Them. Make sure Air is working. When you go over to your parents, grandparents, and even next door look at them make sure they have water and stuff. Look we all get busy.. I know life work family but take time out and look around you. Often times we hear of old people dying because of the heat or the winter cold. Were Nurse's so let's take time and check on people even if you don't know them who knows you might make a new friend. The little time you take might just save a life and that's what we do best..... Anthony KarmaWiseRaven

  • Jun 5 '11

    I have to go with the pen and paper idea. I fold a blank, 8.5 x 11 in. piece of paper into quarters and keep it in the leg of my pants pocket (it falls out if I keep it in the pocket of my top). Folding it like that makes it stiff enough to jot things down while holding it in my hand.

    Technology is cool and all but having to bring up the app and type things out on an ipod is just too time consuming when every minute counts.

  • Jun 5 '11

    I just love it when people (patients, visitors, other nurses) give nurses a hard time for "sitting at the computer."

    I'd much rather be taking care of patients than creating mountains of documentation that no one will ever look at.

  • Jun 1 '11

    Quote from oramar
    In about two years we are in for some very interesting post here on allnurses. Wait till that batch of graduates and find out what they are in for out there in the nursing job market. They will be back here spiting mad. Maybe management will be in for a shock also, finding themselves with a bunch of employees that won't settle for being treated like pond scum. Maybe there will be some lawsuits against all those people that told the prospective student nurses they would make great money, have great bennies and have job SECURITY. Your security goes right up till the moment when management decides they want to be rid of you.
    As a new grad that was laid off 5 months into their orientation and cut one month short; I can understand this. I am in California which is an "At Will State" and I was working at a hospital that was not unionized. Being a new grad that was unable to finish their orientation in a job market with people that have been looking for jobs over a year? Yikes. Fortunately I got offered a job in the same field but its 45 mins away (vs. 3) is per-diem and no benefits (vs. full time and awesome benefits) and pays significantly less. But I am still grateful.

    The higher you get, the harder you fall. Before I lost my job I had just graduated from nursing school with my BSN which I worked hard for for many years and had been wanting to do since a kid. My husband and I just bought our first house. I had my dream job: it paid well, was three mins from my house, had great benefits, and was in the department I went to school for: L&D. I was finally at a point that I felt secure and my marriage was benefiting from that. The tension of not having a job while stressing in nursing school and not having heath care had finally been released and my "biological clock" which had probably been ignored by the tension was finally heard. My husband and I had plans for me to work a year so I was comfortable with my job and then start trying. Why not? We have been married over 9 years, at the time I had an awesome job, we finally had our home, I got us both awesome health insurance...And now? my clock is still clicking but I don't feel like I can respond to it. I was laid off over a month ago and though I was finally at terms with it. Then yesterday I started bawling because all I could think about how getting laid off completely screwed up my plans; which were so perfect. When I had the job I always though it was too good to be true because everything was so perfect. But I would remind myself that I worked my butt off to get there and that I deserved it. But I guess it was too good to be true, and why? because of a cruddy ecomony? Because last one hired is the first one let go? Because I live in a state that give no security to employees?

    Nursing does not have job security.

  • Jun 1 '11

    In about two years we are in for some very interesting post here on allnurses. Wait till that batch of graduates and find out what they are in for out there in the nursing job market. They will be back here spiting mad. Maybe management will be in for a shock also, finding themselves with a bunch of employees that won't settle for being treated like pond scum. Maybe there will be some lawsuits against all those people that told the prospective student nurses they would make great money, have great bennies and have job SECURITY. Your security goes right up till the moment when management decides they want to be rid of you.

  • Jun 1 '11

    It seems to me anybody and anybody can do nursing, doesnt matter if you are really interested or not, not important if you care about people or not, not relevent if you have a passion for nursing or not just come along we will train you and then you can look after our sick, eldery, frail, poor homeless, drug seekers.
    Without passion, without caring, sometimes with little comprehension of what that poor sick person in the bed needs.

    I am fed up with hearing about people seeing nursing as a quick route to money it is so much more and it offends me that nursing is used as a short cut to being employed. We should have stricter entry rules and by this I mean more screening to make sure the nurses coming into the profession actually want to be a nurse for the right reasons and employment not being one of them.

    We all know nursing is a hard profession it takes from your soul sometimes but you know who has the passion because they ride the storms better than the nurses who dont have it.

    I have had a passion for nursing most of my life and I am now struggling with some of the harsh realities-but give me a patient any patient and I come alive, I thrive. I forget why I am tired after all my years, I forget why I want a new job, I forget why the management make my life harder each day.

    For me nursing is almost like acting I can be somebody else with a patient I can be who they need me to be for that person and their family, I have the ability to calm a tense situation, I can bring trust to the room, I can make that patient feel like they are the most special person in the hospital and that nothing is too much trouble for me. I have knowlege and can educate. I can make that person feel safe, I can make them laugh even when they dont want to, I can be their advocate, their confident, their friend, but also I can persuade them to take the shot, to take the medicine, to go for the test. I can hold their hand and I can be firm. I can predict their mood and can listen to their worries and woes. I can educate their families and friends and I can educate and train their future RN's.

    It doesnt matter that outside that room chaos is happening, that 3 other pts need me as much if not more than the patient I am with. They at that moment are the most special important person in my working day.

    In 20 years I have had this ability it has shone out of every bone in my body. I have smiled constantly even if my world is falling apart. I have the passion I can make somebodies life better, I know my 'stuff' and I care.

  • Jun 1 '11

    I have been known to go into my children's rooms while they sleep, just to thank God for their presence in my life. I don't know what I did to deserve healthy, happy children, but I am greatful for it. I can't imagine something happening to one of them, I don't think I would ever be the same again. Prayers to all mothers who have lost a child.

  • Jun 1 '11

    When I took my son off of life support, I held him and told him, for hours, how much I loved, how brave he was, and how proud I was for the fight he fought. I had spoken for him for so long that I neglected all the signs he gave that told me he wanted to go. But when I realized, I gave him permission. I told him to find the light and that I would always love him, and not to be afraid. But when he missed his first breath, I took it all back. I told him to stay, and that he had to keep fighting. And then I cried, and said I was sorry, he should go.
    There is no way to do it right, and no way to be the kind of mom who fights for her kid and also be the mom who lets him go without at all times feeling like a person with multiple-personality disorder. And without questioning your decision at all times. Because when they die, the grief is overwhelming. And the relief you feel makes you feel like a monster.

  • May 30 '11

    @JDoug I understand! sometimes working your shift nonstop paperwork etc, no lunch ( not even the one you fix and bring to the hospital to devour in seconds because there is no time to go to the cafeteria ) no time for bathroom breaks but then to tired to pee when you get home you fall onto bed with uniform then after 18 - 20 plus hours getting to pee!!!! Is that why the hospital report so many UTIs ?!?!

  • May 30 '11

    I had to chuckle- on the original link, someone posted (Who OBVIOUSLY isn't a nurse) "Well, I bet those nurses wouldn't like to be made to wait 2 hours to use the bathroom!" Two hours? I'm happy if I get to hit the bathroom once during a 13+ hour shift....lunch break? What is THAT??? Amazing how the general public has no clue how hard out job is.

  • May 28 '11

    "Funny" I would log on and this would be posted...I too am "fed up" with nursing. I honestly don't want to be in healthcare at all anymore. That is difficult to even write - but it's true. I've been a nurse since 1990. I realized today actually, that a lot of the stress, depression and anxiety I've been "dealing" with the past few years is directly related to the fact I don't want to be a nurse anymore and it was a realization that I wasn't able to accept though deep down I knew it for some time. How do you tell your family? How do you justify going to school for YEARS, obtaining a degree that basically, outside of being a nurse, isn't worth much? The schedule, the changes that have occurred in healthcare..some good some not, all contributes to just not liking it anymore. I was in a caregiving roll in my personal life for many years and also working as a's just taken it's toll. I do not want to work 12 hr shifts. I have tried different flavors of nursing over the past few years hoping it was just "hospital" nursing that was the problem - it isn't. It's nursing in general...the hassle of even trying to get a job..going for an interview takes "forever" - now there is usually a "second" interview or a "panel" interview...I feel sorry for the new grads..nursing has always been somewhat a "eat the young" but really is. I don't have a choice but to remain in it as we can't afford for me not to work and I do want to work - just not in nursing. I recently was offered and accepted a position that is more management than nursing - it starts in a few weeks. I am grateful, especially in this economic climate, to have a job, but honestly, when I should be happy, I'm not. Every other aspect of my life I've looked at..and the common denominator in my negative attitude is this career. It saddens me to say that. I use to be SO enthusiastic about nursing..anyway..I thought maybe I was the only one wanting to do something different...guess not.