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    Hello everyone! I'm currently applying to some accelerated nursing programs here in TX and am needing to study for the A2 that I'm planning on taking next month. I've read some pretty old threads about the exam but found mixed reviews on study guide books some mentioned. I've heard the study guide book provided by the exam is good and bad. I've also read that the Kaplan NET study guide book was useful as well. I basically just want to know what study guides some of you have used and if you thought they prepared you well. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated !

    I also found this online and wondered if it was useful to some of you...

    Thanks a ton!

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    Quote from aelse
    Hello, I'm here in Texas and I have to take the HESI A2 exam as well. I click on the site and the site didn't come up. Can someone advise me of a study guide site for here in Texas or is this site for nationwide? Please help...
    I was trying to find the West Coast guide as well but no luck assuming they took it down. I had found this guide online while searching google...
    I've read as well that the Kaplan book is decent for the reading section and over prepares you for the math section. A&P sounds like you'll have to study out of your old books/notes. Good luck to us both!

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    UTMB in Galveston, TX doesn't require any exams either...