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    Does anyone know what the reading assignments are for the first test for Semester 2? I'd like to get a head start over the break...

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    An epidemiloligist told me the swine flu is "about 300% less deadly" than the seasonal flu. Also said swine flu becoming a repeat of the 1918 pandemic is extremely far-fetched - aside from dramatic advances in medicine, 1918 had a "perfect storm" of a more than ample supply of malnourished troops in mental and physiological shambles - and thus depressed immune systems - to facilitate the spread.

    It's more a demographics issue really. I'm getting the vax just in case!

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    Quote from Ashley Cabrera
    Hi everyone!
    About taking lecture online...I heard lecture online for the first semester is terrible! since you miss alot of the annoucements that they say at the beginning of class you are lost. Since first semester is stressful enough as it is I do not recommend taking it online. I had to call my friend almost after every class to let her know what was going on since she was online. As for second semester I heard it was better than first semester! I also heard third semester online was going good. But for the first semester you really need lecture in class till you get the feel of the program because it is totally different than any classes you have taken before!
    I'm presently in 1st semester online. I would definitely recommend taking it. As long as you complete your reading assignments and do the NCLEX practice questions before each test you should be fine.

    99% of the students in the lecture say it is a complete waste of time. According to everyone I've spoken to, the professors do nothing but read verbatim from the powerpoints (which are supplied to the online students as well and will really serve no MUST read the chapters to pass the tests. The PPs did help somewhat for the first test, however.)

    FYI the first test in this class will be mostly about nursing theory, legal stuff, etc. Resist the urge to freak out about not knowing the material like an expert. I would recommend focusing on frontloading, getting checked off successfully, and THEN beginning the reading assignments for online/lecture. This helped me wade through the chaos. Time management is key.

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    Anyone have any advice on what to watch out for first semester? The "wish I would've" kind of stuff?