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    hello all this is my first post and im new here...
    just took the test this morning. it was horrible!!! 265 question and feels like forever. i know for sure that i had more than 25 SATA question in my first 100, and more SATA after that, a lot of priorities 3 math and 3 drag and drop questions. it felt horrible knowing that i have no clue what the question is all about(esp drugs).
    4hrs after my test a call from a friend who is also going to take the test told me about the trick. i check it and the pop up came out. it didnt went through payment. now i have a little bit hope. all his friends and 2 of our friends who passed/failed checked the trick and it worked.
    i hope this works for me too... i just being a negative ned only because all my friends in nursing school got 75 and passed. one even told me it was as hard as we though. but was long and exhausting which made it feel harder.
    but i did my best and i leave to God's will and pray that He bless with the result that i want
    good luck/congrats to those who are taking it, anxiously waiting and passed NCLEX...