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    i will look up ......thanks ill let u what i find out

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    I have done L&D on the floor a decade now and still love it but would like to do it from a different capacity. I have went back to school and acquired knowledge and want to work in the community, clinic or even case management. No such luck...Does case management in obstetrics even exist? Any suggestions for the florida,broward county area?

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    Wow that sounds like a great idea. Me and the girls on the floor were talking about that just recently.....I wish you the best. We nurses work just as hard and should be compensated too

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    not that i know of. most programs are 2 yrs and plus dont forget prerequistes. but your better off getting a bsn. itsl longer but worth the investment

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    i dont know where in florida you live but broward general medical center in fort lauderdale is always hiring may not be the position you wanted. but they are always having recruitment dinners. usually its med-surg, telemetry and the infectious disease floors