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    any updates:???????????????????????????

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    so true.......but really, how often do male RNs form relationships with female RNs in their own unit, yet alone other units?? lol

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    hello everyone, I was wondering, in order to become a ICU nurse, do you have to generally work in a particular ward (eg. med-surg.) before getting into ICU, or can you directly enter ICU right after getting your BSN?

    Thanks for future responses...

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    Quote from sunnycalifRN
    Well, let see . . . it's sort of like being a juggler . . . you're monitoring the EKG, the BP/MAP, the SpO2, the EtCO2, the lab values, the urine output, the output from the various drains . . . then when something goes wacky, you respond appropriately (titrate gtts, give fluid, give lytes, more O2, whatever). And, when you've got three balls in the air, you let the least important one drop ( prioritize ).

    It's challenging and requires critical thinking to understand how our various interventions are causing other problems . . .

    wow..............i honestly dont know about the things you moniter as you described.......but i can make out what your trying to say......thanks for that detailed insight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!

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    Quote from systoly
    At the time, it was an automatic promotion in rank.

    i JUST WANT TO interrupt and say THANKS FOR ALL THE POSTS guys and gals, KEEPEM coming,,.all of you share interesting for systoly...what do you mean by your post????

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    hello everyone!, i know this is a late ppost but, does anyone know about the admissions process at u of from BC and have been trying to find out what they look at specifically (very vague on their site) .....doees anyone know what the average admission gpa is for the school in past years????????? any insight would be much appreciated.........!!!!

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    Hello, im aiming to go into nursing (im a guy btw-just thought i should point that out)....I was wondering for all you nurses out there......can you give me some insight into how you find nursing as a career........pros, cons....are you honestly happy with your decision in becoming a nurse??? would you say it effects your quality of life (eg..outside for others etc.)...if you could change careers now.....would you?..or stay in nursing?????>...i know this is a lot to ask at once, but feel free to give me any of your thoughts about this........THANKS!!!!!in advance!xx:spin:

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    I am aiming to go to nursing school......and wanted insight as to why you guys went into/going into nursing ...... family thinks it would be "wiser" for me to go into medicine, being that im "young" and all, and think i should strive for more of a "challenge" and more "respect", hence go into medicine......??:spin:

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    ....Im curious to know what it is like to be an RN in the ICU.....can anyone give me insight into what they know?

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    Quote from liza205
    A friend of mine applied to Queen's last year, she had a B+ cumulative average with all the required courses and was put on the waiting list. From what I understand, it is a competitive admissions process since there are so few spots.

    If you are applying from BC, are you guys also open to schools other than Queen's University? There are many other accelerated nursing programs in Ontario: Western, McMaster, University of Toronto, York, University of the top of my head.

    Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!, can you please please tell me specifically what your friends gpa was EG. 3.3 gpa.....because a B+ ranges from 3.3-3.69 i believe??
    THANKS for replying to this thread, its much appreciated

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    Quote from green_tea
    Canadian eh?

    If there's a quota for out of province students, it's usually 10% based on other programs. 10% of 30 is like 3... =____=; and there are sooooo many provinces.

    I think I will be applying this year just so that I could get a feel of what to expect... so we better stay in touch k?

    geerrrr... We don't even know if there's an interview process....

    Will you be applying to other nursing schools as well? Like UBC and langara?

    I will only apply to UBC and other schools on the east coast.....................oh we will stay in touch for gives me a sense of security and puts me at 'ease' knowig someone is in the same boat as me lol...

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    Quote from smiles!
    I applied to the Queen's AST program in 2007 and was accepted (although I did not end up accepting my offer so I can't tell you anything about what the program and courses are like). I don't know if they have an out-of-province quota but I was a BC applicant as well. I tried asking for the average GPA as well, but they didn't really tell you anything. I would assume if you have a B+/A- average, you would be competitive for most admission programs for nursing.

    OH FINALLY!!! SOME one that applied to queens has spoken lol........SMILES! i was wondering would you mind telling me what your GPA was when you applied to Queens....and also, how early did you from bc btw..i just want to get an idea as to where i stand !!!!

    ALSO!!, i forgot to ask, do they strictly look at GPA or do they also look at otherthings (ie volunteering, work exp..)

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    Quote from green_tea
    Canadian eh?

    So glad I'm not alone! Seriously... the site was so brief. And it's not likely that admission will provide more info. I looked through the site again, and it said that the program is very competitive...
    It's possible that the reason they don't give out past admission average b/c the small number of students accepted leads to fluctuation of average. It would be so nice to know someone who has gone through the application process... that way we could at least know what it's like and then decide whether we should apply.

    If I do decide to apply, I would be applying from BC... so hopefully with nursing program, there's no specific quota for out of province like many other programs.

    Are you planning to apply this year?

    Sigh.... why do they only take in so little students!!! A program with a max of 36 students. It feels like the odds of getting in is so slim x100!
    I feel your pain,.............i wish they could disclose more info that applying from BC tooo!! so i know what you mean by quotas; im sure there are...though unsure of the number of seats reserved for out of province applying this year guessing you are too?

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    hey green tea,

    As with you, I have been trying to find out about the average gpa to get seems as if there is no one that knows what the average GPA is for acceptance into the program...........I even called them , and admissions would only tell me the minimum cutt off to apply.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote from kimberlee2033
    Hi. I hope you are all doing well in your courses. I was hoping to get some feedback from someone who is currently in or recently graduated from the accelerated BSN program. I have been accepted into UM for ABSN program for May 2010. I also got accepted into Nova's BSN program. I am having a hard time deciding which one to choose. If you had to do it all over again, would you have chosen the accelerated route again and the regular BSN?
    Hello kimberlee,

    If you dont mind, i have a quick questions for you that i have been trying to get resolved...when you applied to UM did you have to send letters of reccom. or resume as a part of the application process or do they only look at your GPA???
    Also, when did you apply for may2010 cycle? got accepted quick!!!!!...i thought they tell you like in feb at the earliest if you apply before dec. 1.........
    lastly, what was your gpa like when you applied???
    thanks in advance~~~~~~~~!