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    Hey guys.. Im taking my rn nclex tomorrow..Nsgrx27.. im using the mary ann hogan book and just finished the comprehensive exam on the end of the book.. any other tips you have for me? did you get any math question? thanks!

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    I took my RN Nclex on July 2nd... I have been getting the cc page when I try to re register.. I hope the trick does not work.. but I know it does because when I tried it for my lvn nclex it gave me the good pop up and I had passed... im such a debbie downer right now

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    I am so sad. I took my RN NCLEX today and walked out thinking I did pretty well... i stopped at question 76. I went home and recevied a pop up stating that I had "open registration". I tried it three times and thought that I must have passed because I was not getting the cc page. Well two hours later I decide to check again and it asked for my cc information.
    My head is pounding and I dont know what to do Im literally staring at the computer screen over and over. I dont know why it would give me a pop up and lead me to believe that I passed and then out of no where I get the cc screen. SO SAD.. Im from CA and I cant do the quick results. I studied questions from, exam master, saunders... Any suggestions to what I should do my second time around if I really did fail?