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    Quote from memory's_blackhole
    resU is a horrible school and I would seriously think about going pretty much anywhere else. its not hard the way you think a nursing program should be. the teachers and administrators are horrible people that make your life there miserable. the academics are too easy--they won't teach you anything. you won't get all your clinical hours---so you won't have much experience when you "graduate". last semester, there was no pharm class--they fired the teacher and the students had to teach themselves. the teachers are incredibly sensitive and need to remind you constantly that you are worthless. some will actually laugh and clearly enjoy failing you. AVOID that place!
    I am currently in a final term at RESU and I can't agree more. I injured my ankle and had to take medical leave of absence, they are still going to charge me 5k lol They don't give ***** about you. I got raped two years ago and I had to take a leave of absence because I was mentally unstable and was suicidal, they didn't waive the penalty, instead they gave me F and got all the money and told me to take leave of absence.

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    good luck guys

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    Great! Thanks a lot do you need double sided steth? I already have a steth but it's only one sided...I was wondering if I need a double sided one.

    Also, I know that the bookstore sells the "nursing package" for 78 dollars or something, and I couldn't really figure out what's in it. Have you bought one? If not, what kind of items are required for clinical? (I'm guessing stethoscope, sphygomomanometer, first aid kit maybe?)

    Thanks for such a fast response! you are awesome

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    Hello, first of all thanks for making a thread to answer questions!

    I'm trying to order uniforms for spring 2013 semester, and I'm kind of confused about sizes (are they true to their size or should I order size that are bigger or smaller?) of the uniforms and what kind of uniforms do you REALLY need (since I don't want to spend too much money).

    I'm assuming polo shirt+white pants are a must, but do I need a consultation coat, warm up jacket and eagle work clothes dress? Thanks a lot

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    At that time he said 15 people got accepted, but by now I'm sure more people got accepted into the program.

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    I was working part-time while finishing my pre-reqs (which lasted couple months here and there), and some of the jobs I had to quit because of my family situation (My dad became disabled and my mother also got sick and had to get a surgery, so I had to quit my job after a month) and that's all I have for my resume...sigh

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    Quote from A Meli Naire
    Hi future classmates. Thanks wrl1000jae for creating the thread. I figured I read the threads enough that I should create an account. To help those fretting over the TEAS exam and GPA requirements I currently have a 3.0 cumulative GPA, 3.0 science, a TEAS of 68, and need to complete a few pre-reqs. I feel it is most important to fully complete and submit your application early. My Previous transcript (2005-2009) is HORRIBLE... However the last few years I have had an average GPA of 3.6...Perhaps the committee looked at that in determining my acceptance. You do not have to be an ALL A's student to get accepted....BUT it may make you feel better when you wait to hear if you were accepted. I submitted my application the beginning of August and heard EXACTLY a week later that I was accepted. Can't wait to start, meet all you great students/future nurses. If you are NOT accepted do not feel discouraged. I applied for my community college's program 8 months ago and am still waiting to hear if I was accepted (guess not) but am fortunate that Resurrection staff has viewed my past and present academic accomplishments and sees that I am a great fit. DISCLAIMER: I apologize if words are misspelled...I wrote this on my iPad with limited spell check.
    Exactly! I thought my TEAS exam score was low, so I was planning to retake it for guaranteed admission, but they still accepted me. 3.48 cumulative GPA, 3.0 science, Teas 72. I think it's essential to apply it rather early. For people who are not accepted, there are other colleges available, so don't get so discouraged.

    In fact, I applied to UIC for Fall 2012, and I didn't get accepted :P

    I only applied to Resurrection thinking if I don't get in, I'll just transfer to state school with whatever major and just get bachelors degree, then go for masters in nursing program. There are plenty of other ways to become a nurse, so do not worry! Good luck everyone!

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    Congratulations Efcia!!

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    For people who got accepted, congrats!! I was so happy that I got accepted, (at the time I was at Starbucks) I went to the bathroom and danced Happy Dance

    So my last Cumulative GPA was 3.48, science wise 3.0, TEAS 72. (I was scheduled to retake TEAS but since I got the acceptance call I no longer needed to ;P wasted 70 bucks).

    The reason why I got accepted, I think part of reason is because I applied rather early (finished my application in July). I was actually aiming for Fall 2012 but I missed the deadline so I just applied to Spring 2013 instead.

    Now, has anyone had their status changed online for the application? I had to send my last transcript in couple days ago, and John said he'll have to check my transcript to make sure I finished my pre-reqs and then the status would change. My status is still application complete, not accepted (Although I got a phone call that I got accepted) :P

    I know I shouldn't be worried since I know I finished all my pre-reqs but I feel so anxious!

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    I've been searching on craigslist but usually it's the same apts that I don't want, and they keep post it over and over I actually didn't know about domu! Thanks!!

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    I have a question, where do you guys live? Are there any good apartment around logan square/bucktown/ukranian village area? I just got accepted into spring 2013 program and need to find an apartment, haven't find one that I like Any recommendations/info would be great!! Thanks

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    I just got accepted into the program!!! Jon called me today to let me know!! He said that so far they accepted 15 students, and will accept more after the deadline. Good luck with everyone who's applying for spring!!

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    The thing is, they are gonna let me know the decision in August, and I don't think the teas exam would be available sometime soon...I called the school today but the office was already closed so I have to call them again to find out :P But yeah, I was worried about that too.

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    Hmm I don't know exactly, since I finished all of my science classes+most of the electives except 2 humanities classes+computer information system class when I applied. [However I'm taking rest of the electives as summer course and will be done in a week] I think if you finished most of the classes, then you won't have any problem as long as you finish it before the Spring semester starts, and if you are standing with a good GPA and do good job on TEAS it would be ok. Hope your TEAS exam goes well!

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    Hi!! I finished my Spring 2013 applications, and thought it would be beneficial to start a new thread

    Currently my GPA holds 3.5 cumulative, I think science wise 3.0.

    My TEAS exam came out to be 72%, and I talked to a counselor and he said I don't have to retake it...(I wanted to retake the exam to be accepted as guaranteed admission ) and since I applied rather early, he said I don't have to worry...I'm still not sure if I should. What do you guys think? To people who got accepted, what score did you guys get for TEAS exam?