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    As a DON of a small nursing facility, I encourage all of my nurses to take every avenue to ensure their license is protected, especially during shift to shift count. If meds needs to be wasted, including nonschedule drugs (unfortunately these are being diverted as well), my or my ADON's name needs to be on the sheet. That's my way of protecting my nurses' license. I also strongly believe in peers setting the best example. If every other nurse you work with are aware that you take evey precaution to ensure count is correct, and your supervisors are ware as well, the possibility of a diversion will be low.The nurses' you do count with are protected as well for that particular count. We have policies related to shift to shift count, as I'm sure every facility does, but policies are only good as those enforcing it.

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    My kids were 10, 9, 7, 2.5 and 2.5 when I graduated from nursing school. I see with many of your replies that moms with twins have gone to nursing school. It can be done, and you can do it. I was taking my prerequisites when I learned I was expecting the twins and received my acceptance letter into the Nursing program the day before they were born. Took a final exam for one class 2 days before Christmas on their due date, and they were 5 days old. It won't be easy, you need alot of support-emotional and financial- from family and friends. Good Luck and have fun.