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    In LPN school we had our ATI exiting exam with 180 if i'm not mistaking, i thought i failed, but i was wrong

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    Good For you!!!
    Good luck!

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    Quote from mydee
    I am a prenursing student trying to make a decision or not to go the LPN route first or stright for RN. I just started a new job this month and I was talking to the other girls in my training class about the benifits and one of those benifits is tuition assitance. Well there is a private LPN program right in area in which I will be working at. I mention that I might want to do LPN first. Then the comments came you know the ones. LPN's are just CNA's that passed Medciations. That LPN's will be phased out due to CNA's being certifited to passed medications. The other one is that LPN are going to be "phased" out. I explain to these girls that no of the information is correct and the LPN are nures. That most LPN's does about 80% of what a RN does. That because of our aging pouplation that there will be more of a demand of LPNs. But noone believes me what should I do?
    You are not alone there mydee. i'm a recent LPN (grad 3/09). Throughout my 2 years LPN schooling i've heard neighbors, other HCP making those comments we are hear, such as " Oh, LPN? but you going for your RN right? - OH, you going to be a Low Paying Nurse - LPN? and the best of all - LPN, just a CNA certified to give drugs"... I just wonder if you are a teacher, or a dental hygienest or a PA, do ppl ask you "so are u going to became a principal at ur school? are you going to became a dentist? are you going to became a MD? it is irritating sometimes. i try not to pay attention and just smile, but man, we all have our different functions in the interdisciplinary health field. I m personally going further with my educations. Some ppl at my school didnt want to. There is nothing wrong with it. But for all of us in this field, perhaps is time for us to realize that we are all interdependent of one another. we need the pcas, cnas, as well the RN needs us and the others, as well as the Doctors and so forth.
    So be a PROUD whatever tittle you hold and just do an extraordinary job under your scope of practice and for all LPNs out there, recent grads or those with years of experience, in LPN-RN transition or not, we are NURSES so lets be a good darn NURSES!!!!

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    Im with you on that "nurseontheway". i graduated LPN school in march, took my boards in june, end of june i got my license and certification. i've been sending resumes all over. i got few calls from agency. mostly of the agencies dont offer medical benefits (which i'm really interested in having). i went to an interview in one LTC facility. they just had 1 full time position. it seems that its a little harder then i tought. in nursing school they told me i would find a job without a problem, because i'm bilingual and i'm a male theres a shortage in male nurses. I m finding very much different. Everyone that called me wants experience of at least 1 yr. well we new grads has to start somewhere right? lol. but dont loose hope, i've heard that a job search usually takes about 3 months. its been almost 4 weeks for me, and i'm having few phone calls back. just be very persistent, call them back, be pushy, what u going to loose right? btw i'm in LI-NY.
    Good luck!

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    " Hello my new friends!

    My name is Robert and I am BSN since 2001 in Brazil. Now, I've been lived in the United States and studying to NCLEX-RN exam. But I have some questions, and I would like to know if somebody can help me...

    1. I already have all my papers (Visa/Green Card) and actually I don't need apply for a Work Visa. So, how many steps I need do reach to became a RN here? Only CGFNS can validate my diploma, right?

    2. All states require English Proficience Test?

    3. Anybody knows a Brazilian nurse here in NY? I would like to talk a little bit as well

    PS: New friends are welcome!

    Thanks!!! "

    hey robert how are u doing?
    i'm pretty sure you have to be proficient in english!
    brazilian nurse in ny here, i graduate here tho, so to acquire the RN degree is a bit different for me than would be for you. perhaps you should call the NCSBNS at 1866-496-2539 they would be able to tell you what u need.
    good luck

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    i was in the same position as you. i have 3 yrs of bachelor (which i could use much of my credits towards RN) but i chose LPN because i could start working as an LPN and "hopefully" the job will offer tuition reimbersement. I could wait/afford going to all the prereqs + RN school without working. i graduated in march/2009, got my license 3 weeks ago and i'm placing my resumes out. so good luck with your choice.

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    Hello everyone, LPN here form LI - NY , just got my license 2 weeks ago, i'm still in the process of job hunting i'd like some advise of when and a reputable place i can get a liability and/or malpractice insurance. or i just get one once i'm employed?

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    im here im here!!! LI LPN yay!!!

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    Good day everyone! i'm so glad there is such a network community for nurses! i've got my license jul/2009 and i'm in process of placing resumes and just waiting for some interviews! wish me luck everyone!
    "They asked me why didnt i go to medical school instead of nursing? i replied " I prefer a more challenging job!" lol
    I love nursing!