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    I actually was a pharmacy/nursing major for about 3 years while in undergrad so I have all (or at least most) of the pre-req's completed- though its been more than 5 years since I took those classes so I have to make sure that they will take the classes. I have also considered doing the RN-MSN program, during which you earn the BSN also. Ideally, I would like to take night classes while getting my RN and then work at my regular job as I earn that. Then I would quit my job after I found a nursing job to work as a nurse as I work towards my MSN. Fortunately I live in a large city (Chicago), so there seem to be a decent amount of jobs around still.

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    I am actually in a very similar boat as you... contemplating the same problems.

    I actually have to add a little more to your scenario though. I got my undergrad degree in Psychology/Business Administration and then also got a MBA-HR. I am not eligible for any federal financial aid unless I go for a doctorate degree (not likely!) Also, between my boyfriend and I we have nearly $100k in student loan debt. With that being said, money is definitely an issue. I am leaning towards getting my RN, we have a community college that offers a night program and then doing the RN-BSN online and then the master's as well because I also would like to be a NP.

    Which direction are you leaning towards?