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    i just took my nclex today and I felt so bad not knowing if I passed or failed i can't even eat until now... Now that I'm reading some of the blog post make me more nauseas because i found out that most of them that passed dont have math/calculation at all... I also find out that some of them found out the result the next day... how and where can I see the result online? plsss reply..

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    congratulations... would you mind to share a info regarding about the questions you encounter.....thanks

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    thank you for the reply i'll just send a request and ask PRC
    good to know that is not ganno be a hassle after all thanks

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    I applied for BRN nclex examination in California, and there asking for additional requirements such as certification from the PRC (philippines) stating that I do not qualify for admission to the nurse licensing examination because i'm nota filipino citizen, is there someone who had a similar situation like me if you do pls. keep in touch with me coz i need some info. where and how can I aquire that request please