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    Run and don't look back. I went for information session on the LPN program. First the girl was dress in leggings and flip flops no teeth in the front. Seem like she really could be bothered the this session. Entrance test given as soon as you sit down. The admission assistant director dress with her chest exposed. The question the arouse amongst the 12 girls in this session is why is the tuition so HIGH $21,750.00 verses Erwin / Brewsters $ 3400 LPN tuition. Yes all three GCC, Erwin/Brewster have waiting list . GCC next day class in January 2010 night class March 2010. Why would anyone pay a 4 year tuition for a diploma program. Accrediation can be pulled at anytime. This session seemed like a SALES Pitch at a car dealership. There was only 15 students currently in class during our so called tour. I know we all won't to be in the field byt at what cost. Note back in 2006=07 GCC tuition was $10,000 now its $21,700 Erwin's tuition seem to remain the same or not as steep increase. It just appeared to be shady as the young lady spoke on the phone to a potential student as I waited`~ YOUR FINANCIAL AIDE fell through we need to reapply. Think about the pro and cons of any program INCLUDING this before you sign any promissory notes :ugh it was just a wild mess during this session