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    well this trick must be true because just got my results
    and its official I'm an RN!!!!!

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    Hey meban09, I too have not slept well. But I guess we just have to hang in there until we know for sure. This trick does relieve some anxiety but I'm still nervous!

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    Hello everyone, I have been following this thread since I took my nclex exam on Monday June29. I too have tried the the trick and it doesn't allow me to reregister. I know I shouldn't rely on this trick but it is keeping me sane, at least for now. Like everyone else, I have been going crazy over waiting for the results. I guess what scares me is that this was the third time around that I took the exam so for me to fail again would be horrible...I seriously wouldn't know what to do. I'm losing hope because i had about 130-140 questions and I really walked out of test like it was over.I dont want to be humiliated the third time around and I dont want to tell family and friends that I didnt pass and I dont want to look in my daughters eyes and feel like I cant provide for her. I just pray that this trick is true... not just for me, but for all of us.