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    Quote from mommiluvsadrian
    SOOOO..I'm back =) call it miracle or not but after being denied I received a phone call Friday morning giving me the opportunity to fill in someone's spot in the program!!!! I'm super excited and cannot believe it! I'm way behind with everything since I just received my packet and all the information. Looks like a lengthy process but starting Monday morning I'm off to do all the things that need to be done... For all you guys that have already turned in the packet any advice or suggestions?? Anything would be helpful, I have such little time and so much to do. Thanks in advance =)

    Congrats!! If you have the time to do it all in on day I would say do that. The drug testing/background check location opens at 8am or 8:30am, so I would go there first that way they can start working on the results of those. They only take cash or check there. I went to the Medical Center (It's listed as Comprehensive...on the packet) for my titers, they are quick, you can walk in anytime (they are open till 6 or 7) If you have time today they are also opened on the weekends. They can do your PPD if you need that too. The results for the titers took a few days to come back and the PPD has to be checked 3 days later. I went to my family physician to have her fill out the actual physical form once I had the results of the PPD & Titers. If you choose you can have the physical done where they do the titers. You can call ahead to Copys Uniform and order your nametag and then once that comes in pick that up and get your uniforms. The CPR class must be "BLS for the healthcare provider through the American Heart Association" they will not accept Red Cross CPR. I think that is everything. Good Luck getting it all done.

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    What kind of shoes is everyone going to be purchasing? I have been reading other posts on here and everyone says a different thing. I LOVE the Nike Shox but we can't have any symbols. I would hate to buy a pair of shoes and then after a few days of clinicals have achy feet. I think I may go to Copy's Uniforms and try on some shoes and then try to find those online for cheaper because even with the 10% discount they are still pricey!

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    Quote from proudtobeamom
    Bought my uniforms today, handed in my paperwork. All I have left is to buy my books, and start that folder. Where is everybody in the process? As the day approaches, I'm getting more and more nervous :uhoh21:
    I am getting more and more nervous also, but I am excited too!! I turned in my paperwork on Tuesday, and I have started getting my folder together. I have it and the dividers, now I just need to put stuff in it Good luck getting everything ready.

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    Quote from H_2_O
    So what about books? Is Taber's worth buying? I heard a lot of people never even crack it, most just use the internet...

    Then there's the recommended stuff:

    Fluid and Electrolytes Made Incredibly Easy
    Guide to Nursing Diagnosis
    The Essentials of Nursing Care Planning and Documentation

    ? :/

    just trying to save a little $$$...
    I got Taber's edition 20 on ebay for $10.50 or something around that price and it was never used by the person that I bought it from so it looks brand new. I know this isn't the newest one but if a lot of people never even open it then I'm not worried about it. Try to find one that is used and cheap. I am not going to buy a new one because there are way to many books to worry about buying right now. As for the "recommended" books...I'm not going to buy them to start with. If I find that I need it once class and clinicals starts then I might.

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    Quote from Headay
    Hi Proud to be a mom (I am too). I am starting semester 1 also and im taking lecture online. I don't think we have anything to worry about there. I just feel like I want to tell that I am taking Pharm online for summer and it is a KILLER! I am just thinking about your GPA if you are trying to do critical thinking, clinicals, lecture, Pharm and kids. Pharm is the most challenging class I have ever taken. Just wanted you to know.
    I second that! It is HARD!!!! Lots to learn...I'm glad I am taking it now before the semester starts!

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    Did everyone get registered for classes? I will be starting Semester 1...I am taking lecture online, the afternoon-evening clinicals, and doing skills lab on Saturdays. Anyone else??

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    I went yesterday and bought two sets of the uniforms. They are all out of size Small woman's tops, but said they should be getting more in sometime in the next couple weeks. My total was $93 with the 10% discount. I ordered my name pin last week it was $6.92 and she said it takes about a week to get them in.

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    Is anyone taking Pharmacology online this semester?

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    My friend went yesterday and thought she would have to pay $10 for each additional job and she had the paperwork all filled out, but they only asked her to write one down and didn't charge her any additional fees. So that was good news because I have had about 5 that I would of had to list. YIKES! This stuff is adding up quickly, but at least we get a break on this!

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    I am new to this website, and thought I would post...I received my email packet today! So much to do! What type of stethoscope do you recommend or have heard is a good one? I am going to be purchasing mine soon but want to make sure I spend money on a good one. Thank you!