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    when i come to you in the ed and let you know that our new goverment healthcare that you are going to be forced to be a part of that everyone wants that the mri or ct or pet scan that might give the dr the info they need to save your life is not part of the goverment plan and you do not quilify for it.........sorry.

    these days the only people who are going to refuse you the tests that you need are the private insurance companies. i have lived for years in a country with universal health care, and i can tell you the massive misinformation that is being disseminated about it here. under uhc, i never had to wait more than 1 day to see a gp, and you aren't "forced" into anything. i had my choice of physicians, and all my prescriptions were free. other countries have both a private and a public option. although everyone is covered under public healthcare, you can chose to have private insurance if you want (and it only costs a fraction of what it costs here and they aren't allowed to refuse coverage for anything).

    if private insurance actually paid for healthcare instead of spending millions refusing to pay for care, then it might work. imagine if you went to a restaurant, ordered a full meal, paid for the meal before you received it, and then the waiter told you that the chef would only give you a salad, even though you had already paid for a steak dinner. would you go back to that restaurant? that is what private health insurance companies are doing now.

    then if a restaurant opened that actually gave you all that you ordered and paid for, then the other restaurants would have to shape up or close down. that is uhc. and most physicians in uhc countries work both publicly and privately, so there isn't a difference in practitioner. what it would do is reduce the astronomical cost of healthcare by eliminating the "pay game", the doctor wants to get $100 for a procedure, so he charges the insurance co. $500 so that they will pay him his $100.