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    I have used several types of bags...ones from local retail stores and ones from catalogs. I found that the Hopkins bags met my needs the best. They are a little more expensive, but have paid off in the long run. You can have your logo put on the bag also.

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    I have used both types of bags during my career...shoulder and rolling bags. The rolling bag was primarily for my computer and paperwork supplies and the shoulder bag for nursing necessities. I was able to keep the handle of the computer bag extended and slip the handle of my nursing bag over it to support and keep it in place on top of the computer bag. The downfall and concern I had was not so much in keeping my nursing bag clean, but the bottom of my rolling bag. With it being on wheels, it was easier to clean/sanitize than my nursing bag. The bottom of my rolling bag could be wiped down with a santicloth real quick before placing back in my car.

    While that sounds like a like to manuever in and out of homes, it actually was easier for me, as I could set my bags on top of each other to navigate from the car to the home and saved on my shoulders and back in the long run. Plus it gave me a free hand for other things.

    We recently underwent Joint Commission survey and one of the items the surveyor focused on was bag techique.