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    I moved to the UK with my husband's job 2 years ago. I was able to renew my state license (RN and FNP), but it's going to be coming due again...and I am not sure what to do. (State due fall 2013, ANCC due at the new year 2014).

    1. I have the hours/CEUs for the renewal.
    2. my state requires a collaborative agreement- the dr that was my collaborator at the location I could still practice hours at if I decide to stop in and work a few shift (unlikely from the UK, but ...."could")....has left the urgent care center.
    3. ANCC FNP certification- requires that I hold ACTIVE licenses (for both RN and FNP to renew) on the date in which I renew my FNP certification.
    the UK does not license NP! (I am trying...but there is no site of them deciding to license everyone in the next ...forever long!!) I AM practicing as an NP. and I can call myself an ANP because I have my MSN....but they still will not indicate that on my registration (license)

    Has anyone been through this? Away from the job for more than 2-5 years and what to do about certifications and licenses?


    (It has taken me nearly 2 years from moving to get back to my "old job" and be practicing as a FNP over here....still taking a prescribing course!! ugh! and I fear I am going to have to resit boards/return for my DNP by the time I return to the UK...not sure when...2 years- 10 year?)


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    I have just been offered an ANP position. I have experience with prescribing in the US, but none here. They will send me to Uni to take the V300 course. In the contract, they ask for me to complete 3 years post course, or reimburse them in full for the course fees (and also back filled work days. days that I won't be in the office d/t class i believe?). I have encountered contracts before but they have always been pro rated as the years go on.
    Has anyone encountered something like this? is this common?

    I am thinking I should ask for a pro rated schedule.
    Ie. if my husband decides we are taking a job back in the US in 2.5 years, I would repay only "20%" of the fees?


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    US trained (FSU/Delaware), 12 years experience with masters. Bank/A&E in Cheshire. Just accepted ANP position at GP surgery in the Peaks District.

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    liser-I am almost certain that you have to have post registration experience to apply for a PIN. I had 12 years experience post BSN and 8 years post MSN and still had to stress about my approval.BabyRN- I disagree with he statement that uk new grads need little orientation. All of the new grads (past 2 year years of graduating) that are in my A&E have pretty long orientations. They don't learn to do venipuncture or canulas, they don't do urinary catheters. (these are 3 nearby universities). So all of this is taught post registration.Kelley

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    I am currently working in the A&E under a temp contract. It ends in November.
    I am having difficulty with the rota and childcare and I am looking forward to a more flexible work schedule. An agency nurse who works a few days a week at my hospital suggested I speak with his agency (who has a contract for preferred agency).
    At this point, there are several shifts available each day.

    The sister who hired me asked via email to a group of us hired at the same time (all under temp contracts) if any of us wanted to be considered for a perm contract. I am not looking at this position as a perm role and she was aware of my wishes from the start.

    Feelings on me leaving when my contract ends. going to agency and possibly working with agency back at the same A&E. positive/negative feelings on this??


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    MuppetAus- how did you find it going being agency and new to the NHS?I am staff in the A&E- and although I am familiar with emergency care, I am glad I made the choice to start where I did- even terms are different to those in the US.You mentioned the uniforms. NHS staff nurses (?everywhere?) wear white tops with blue trim. Agencies wear similar colours/uniforms in my hospital.

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    News shark- pay in the uk starts at about 21k year. US (Delaware/NE area) is about $48k (about. 32k wh converted). Cost of living in De was much less than my cost of living here near manchester for family of 4.

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    All of my certified copies:
    I took the originals and copies of each to the bank. The bank manager viewed all originals and copies and notarized the COPIES. Those were sent in.
    This is what was suggested from "Continental Travel Nurse" agency when I had requested info.

    I am finishing my essays to complete my Overseas nurses Programme- should have all paperwork in by Easter. Then a PIN by.....Mid to end April?! =0

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    anyone have to do an international police check? where did you go here in the UK?

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    Along with the CRB check. I have been asked to get an International Police check. This is available to me from the FBI I have found (US embassy informed me to check with them). I have printed off the form and need to get my finger prints taken.
    The local station said OK on saturday,...but then didn't have anyone to do it. and that they no longer do appts, but I should pop round at shift change and see if someone is available.
    I stopped by the other day. they still didn't have anyone, said I would have to make an appt and that it was 60pounds! what?! for ink!?!

    Anyone else dealt with this?


    Also...I had my fingerprints done in the states before getting my VISA. is that saved at the Home Office here? has anyone used that?

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    Thanks for the reply.

    The post states:
    Working as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner (Nurse Clinician) within this friendly and dynamic environment you will work as part of a Consultant led surgical team actively contributing to all aspects of the assessment, diagnosis, treatment & management of the care delivered to patients within the surgical directorate.

    The post holder will be expected to exercise a high degree of personal professional autonomy and make critical judgements to satisfy the expectations and demands of the role and ensure delivery of an advanced level nursing service to patients throughout the patient journey. You will be expected to be a Registered General Nurse with, or working towards a Master Of Science in Clinical Nursing / Advanced Practice. You will have substantial experience working at a senior level.

    A Non Medical Prescribing qualification is desirable. Consideration will be given to appropriate candidates willing to undertake appropriate training to Masters level.

    So, would think not overall management. from the job description there is a request to "undertake teaching and training"

    there is a subject of "participate in achieving Trust Governance objectives." We just reviewed Governance- but would this be specific to the Trust? Where would I find this?

    Thanks for the recs so far. I will jot myself some notes! ah, and btw, about 5 years ago they changed the hours that residents (junior docotors) were allowed to workin the states. It increased work loads of NPs and PAs in the states, which increased the number of NPs!

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    I saw a posting for a Surgical Nurse Clinician about a month ago. I emailed the posting manager a week before the posting expired to ask a few questions. I also attached my CV.
    I didn't hear anything in return until 2 days ago. The manager replied to the questions and stated she would speak with me soon.
    Today, I received an email with an interview request! totally unexpected!

    In the email it stated that I would be given a topic on my arrival and would need to present on that topic during the interview =0

    Any thoughts on what I should brush up on before the interview? hot topics?
    Looking back at the "person specifications" it does note 'presentation' in one section. would you think from your experience that the topic presentation would come from this area?


    Knowledge Knowledge of accountability and PREPP.

    Knowledge of current professional issues and health service.
    Understanding the government's agenda for nursing.

    Application form



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    Where are you taking your ONP? Finishing my onsite part of it today in Manchester ( now to finish 2 papers before I can get my pin)

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    mrscat- are the rates of pay at a GP surgery usually better/worse than at the hospital (if they don't go by the Agenda for change model)? Staff nurse is a Band 5.
    I do have the chronic management background with my years as a Nurse Practitioner. I loved my patients (guessing they loved me as well since they refused to see the MD and would wait for me to return from Holiday to come in for a routine visit)- I do miss that type of care. I also really like the M-F office hours as well!!
    The practice that has the job posted is a group of 6 doctors, 2 nurse practitioners, maybe 2 nurses? I understand that one of the docs has a retirement date set so they are looking for additional help. An APN friend does state that they might be willing to consider an APN instead of a practice nurse, but I haven't contacted the manager yet to verify.

    I got a phone call yesterday. The A&E has offered me a position. But since i have no NHS experience, I would be at the bottom of the Band. (I made more money in my first RN job out of university 12 years ago!) This however...JUST pays for daycare for my youngest and afterschool care for my oldest (who knows about holiday/summer time...that is more added expense). The Senior sister who gave me the offer does understand my degrees and years of service- she stated she would put in a request for me to be moved up on the scale. But honestly, other than JUST to get out of the house and get the experience- paying to go to work doesn't even make sense! (how do single mums do it over here?!)