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    Sometimes if it's only 1 conviction, they'll want you to expunge it first if it is indeed expungable. Try that or @ least start the process. Frankly you should've taken care of this a long time ago if it is 'erasable'.

    Yes people, I know that it could never really be erased from the BON's view & that they'll still see it, it's just a different way to say expun.

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    Hi Bluejuice

    No, I don't live in Arizona, the Phoenix of my name refers to the mythical bird arisen from it's own ashes of destruction. Yes, I was dismissed from an AAS program but currently attend a BSN program. By Gods grace I attended my first clinical last week. I was however informed that each semester my background results will be submitted to the clinical sites for approval & there's no guarantee of clearance.

    I choose to move forward by faith rather than by sight. I continue to pray for guidance, mercy, & grace, leaving it with who's truly in charge instead of obsessing over it every 2 minutes! My best wishes to you.

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    Damn Hodgie! Do you tutor?!

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    I suggest the book, A & P Made Incredibly Easy I would not suggest you just go with it & not question it. It's very vital to understand the processes when it's time to apply the nursing process in practice. The fact that you are inquiring here on AN shows that you want to understand so take the extra step & acquire the above mentioned book.

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    Quote from clovery

    to the girl who insisted we carpool during my first semester -- i started to ignore your calls and give you the cold shoulder because i was pregnant, you drove with your knees with a cup of hot tea between your thighs, your phone in one hand and a cigarette in the other, and there was a rotting shrimp cocktail on the floor of your car.

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    Quote from roser13
    Wrong. And obnoxious.

    OP asked one simple question:

    "Are there any schools in the Boston area that will tranfer my hard-earned upper-level nursing credits??? "

    Some posters have attempted to go further than that basic question and (a) inquire as to details that very obviously should not be disclosed on a public forum, and (b) answer questions that were not asked.

    That is not the fault of the OP.
    Her first sentence was, "I need some sound advice about my situation." She then goes on to question whether or not she will be accepted @ another school due to her "clinical failure". How are we going further?

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    Quote from Kooky Korky
    There had to be some reason(s). Even if he is your friend. Not that he was necessarily the one at fault. But there had to be some reason.
    That is exactly the point some posters are making about the OP. Why can you see it here but stress conspiracy there? Without naming names, dates & locations, the OP can give the gist of the info & still remain unidentified. In addition, with 3 weeks till graduation left, the average student if they really felt wronged, would come here in complete outrage & spill all.

    I'm just saying

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    Just for the record, if you tell only half of the problem, you get only half of the help. I would honestly suggest you search yourself as to why it was a political/personality issue that caused your failure to begin with. I mean, outside of extremely egregious issues, I'd have done my best to get along & get through.

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    Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying as well. I understood your post to be general as far as physical harm but specific in regard to drug use. The addict can get rehab but if you physically harm someone, rehab is not even raised.

    I used diverting as an example because of the close relationship between nurses and drug accessibility. The progressiveness of addiction is such that people take more & more risks to acquire the substance of choice & rarely get help unless they are caught and forced to.

    My point is that the adult who physically harms someone, receives help (rehab) & years later wants to go into nursing is given a worse time than the addict who rehabs & also decides to go into nursing. I submit that the potential danger is the same for both because the addict can relapse and in that case, diversion is a very real possibility.

    I did not wish to confuse you & I hope I've made myself clearer. It seems to me that lay people will repeatedly mention addicts in union with rehab, but to them someone who abused someone stands alone, as if rehab is not possible.

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    I'm surprised you couldn't find it under the "about me" tab, I did.
    He lives in Conneticut (sp).

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    I have a 3 yo who will be 4 in two weeks, I work part time & I'm in a traditional BSN program. Single parent & responsible for all bills, housework & car maintenance. Needless to say that every minute of every day I'm doing something. It doesn't stop until I lay my head down @ 11 ish & best believe there's still something left undone.

    The real question for me is what's going to get neglected today? It usually ends up being the housework but more times than I'd like, it's my daughter. Last week, it was a day of work & my study time. However, after a couple of C's where there was once A's, I've kept the tv off so as to not get distracted. Which means my daughter is in my face till bedtime.

    It is very tough for me but it's temporary and when I'm done, working three days a week & financial security will make all the sacrifice worth it. I pray alot and depend on God to continue to strengthen me.

    PS I won't even start about when daycare closes for every little holiday & then some!

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    Quote from freki
    anyway, i feel like this thread keeps getting detoured into why people don't want to participate. it's valid for consideration, but i'm looking for ideas to get people involved. so, instead of why you don't/can't/won't, how about ideas for what would change your mind? for some, there is nothing. the rest of you...let's hear it!
    incorporate childcare facilities at conferences and local meetings. make them more kid friendly, maybe free room and board for children at the hotels. more local conferences instead of one huge conference in say, texas when i live in nj.....i'm just saying. :d

    guaranteed movement against politicians when our livelihood is at stake, not maybe we'll get involved but more like, "oh he** no, you will not keep opening the door for immigrant nurses to come over and get guaranteed work when we can barely staff our own american nurses!" (not trying to start a debate here, just hashing out idea's ) or, "no sir, there will be no compensation based on patient care survey policy! it always backlashes on the nurses and our salary plus benefits will be the first to be slashed!"

    there you are.

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    Just check his profile.

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    For all the experiences you've seen on allnurses, why oh why did you accept that deal with a domestic abuse surcharge? Were you not able to get a lawyer? Did they tell you that if you do time for it, it is a conviction even if you get it expunged.

    Ok, now that I got that out, the more time that has passed since this situation, the better your chances are. Being as though you were in a domestic violence relationship, it's good that you are in therapy, however, if this is a recent stretch & you are able, it might be a good idea to take a little time for self reflection before you continue to pursue your nursing career. You have to have a healthy sense of self & control over your responses to be a successful nurse. I wish you well.