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    Quote from kshah002
    i just got letter that i am accepted in spring 2012 at queens asn. is anybody is accepted......
    i got in. are you going to accept your enrollment?

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    I got in!! After attending the information session, I feel very good about my decision to attend.

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    So A friend called queens just a few minutes ago (only a few hrs after I called) she was told that letters will go in the mail today. Hopefully we will all know something soon!

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    Yeah they told me last week that they would mail letters by the end of the week as well. But here I am in the next week and I have received nothing! I called and spoke to the admissions department (again) today. It's the same old story. We don't know exactly when letters will go out. We thought it would be last week, but it just did not happen. It will be soon. I am beyond frustrated. I think they owe their applicants some kind of response. Even if it is that they will not be accepting students for the spring . Bad news is better than no news.

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    I am going to call the NY Board of Nursing on monday and will let you know what happens. I would be very suprised if they said they cannot act on what i tell them since her license being suspened is public record. Anyone can look it up on the nc board of nursing website. It says that her license is suspended and exactly why they suspended it. It even out lines the steps she would need to take to get it back.

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    my mother in law had her nc nursing license suspended for failing a drug test and stealing narcotics from her employer. to get the license back it was a lengthy process which she never completed. she is currently a drug addict and living a very scary life. she recently moved to ny state and with in 60 days got an active nurses license. i know that before her nc license was suspended she worked in ny but that license had expired. my husband and i are shocked that she was able to get an active licenses considering her current addiction and suspended nc license. do they check previous states when you apply to reactivate an expired license? how is it possible for ny to give her an active license after she committed such a serious offense in nc? should we call the ny board of nursing and alert them to the suspended nc license or would we be wasting our time. we are both very scared that innocent people's lives could be endangered. any suggestions?