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    Quote from nurdeb2004
    HI everybody, I got my GPN permit a week ago and am working in a nursing home. I will be given 3 days orientation on 2nd shift( which I just fininshed), and 3 days on 3rd shift( which I will do this coming week). I basically helped out the LPN the first night, the second night I did about half the meds and helped out with other things. The third night I passed all the meds myself while the LPN did all the paper work. I only watched a little on how they do the computer charting. I don't feel comfortable at all with taking over myself after this next week. I will be working 2 afternoons and 2 nights. How much orientation is reasonable for a new GPN?

    I notice you are from PA, which facility are you working for? I am from pa as well graduated last yr. Seems like a short orientation to me. PM me if you dont feel comfortanle saying who your working for. My first job was at HCR Manor Care in Easton, I live in the Mt. Pocono area. Recieved excellent orientation there, but did go to another facility in stroudsburg that was a nitemare.

    best of luck

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    thank you so much.
    Once I get the ideas rolling it will go smoother. It is just the starting that is hard.

    Quote from rnmaven
    Hi again!

    Don't just list your nursing experience then.......your computer skills and business skills will help set you apart.

    You can send me your resume to review. I'll send you a PM with my email address.

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    Thank you for your reply. Since I am a newer nurse so to speak and have only held 2 nursing positions in ltc, I am just unsure of the best way to present my experience. I also ran my own business for 10+ yrs as a Notary Public, Motor Vehicle Agent. I have strong computer skills, interpersonal skills etc.. I have taken one CE class online thus far in Tourettes Syndrome and a Wound Care class. Should the CE/TS CE be listed as well? If I send my resume would you mind giving me some input? Thanks again.

    Quote from rnmaven
    Dear Christine,

    My resume is very involved so I don't think it will help you. But basically, you just need to list what you've been doing in your current job. I then have a section that lists my education. My next section relates to certifications: CCRN, ACLS, BCLS, etc. Then I have a section entitled Professional Development. It includes a listing of almost every continuing education class I have ever attended. Keep that list going and before you know it you'll have a page dedicated to showing how you continually develop yourself.

    Regarding Thank-you's: Get the thank-you note out ASAP. Like as soon as you get home. I prefer a professional letterhead on a fine Crane's in an eggshell. You can print it out yourself........just design a letterhead with your name, address, etc across the top in Word. Then save it and print it out with the customized thank-you. I prefer to mail this type of follow-up. Some people FAX or email..........I think you lose the impact of nice stationary. You might consider hand delivering the thank-you note to the office manager as mail gets lost in piles in the physician's office. You MUST write a special thank-you to EVERYONE you interview with at that office. You NEVER KNOW who the KEY decisionmaker will be. Some docs leave everything up to their office managers. Maybe the secretary out front is his wife. Or maybe one of the nurses............whoever you interview with ...........get their name.........write it down.......DORRECTLY. And use their correct title.

    Good luck on your job search.

    Oh, and create a file on your computer for each file: Thanks-Dr whatshisname etc. After awhile you can use these thank-you notes over and over with minimal customization.

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    I am seeking a new postion hopefully in a physicans office. I currently work in a LTC facility. Graduated August 2003. I have a resume, but am looking for some help in revamping it. If anyone can offer me some assistance I would greatly appreciate it. Samples of resumes, cover letter, followup thank you notes would be a great help.

    I love my job in the facility I am at but it is an hour drive and I am working 3-11. With 2 young children (preteen) at home, I really need a job where I am home most nights, weekends and I miss spending holidays with the family.

    Thanks again for the help and support.

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    Quote from RN4NICU
    I value the CNAs as well, but I disagree about them not being rewarded enough financially. It is not about the work, it is about the level of ultimate responsibility. They do not have it. The only time I have ever seen action taken against a CNA was for abuse (smacked a patient). They are not licensed and are not held liable for poor patient outcomes - not even if they do not report abnormals to the nurse, because the nurse has ultimate responsibility to know the patient's condition.
    Yes, they are valuable. Yes, they are helpful. Yes, they are knowledgeable. But I think they are appropriately compensated for their level of education and responsibility. JMO.
    your absolutly correct regarding the level of responsibilty/education required, but their job is much more physically taxing. I understand that nurses are ultimately responsible for the patient, but I believe that CNA's can lose their certification as well. Maybe it is overall that the pay scales are not appropriate.

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    Hi, Just wanted to add my input. I graduated in August 2003 and started working in a LTC facility in Sept 03 making 18.50 hr. (noc shift) days were making 17.50. Left there and work for a smaller private facility making 16.00hr 3-11 with a 1.00 diff for weekends. Also recently started working for agency which staffs LTC and am making $26.00/hr no difference in pay between shifts. Still at less than 1yr experience, but I did gain an enormous amount of experience in the time on my first job. I do assessments, admissions, treatments, take phone orders etc... I am also an older new nurse (not that it makes a difference, but I feel my life experiences has allowed me to handle different situations differently, please don't take that in any way negative, young nurses are just as good, but this may be why an agency was willing to start me with less than a yrs experience, plus I had great references)

    I know that the local hospital in my area when they do hire LPN's (even though they are crying the blues for RN's and that they are understaffed, but yet won't hire LPNs) only pay them 11.50- 12.00 hr.

    Just as a side note...I have worked with GREAT RN's that have been willing to share a wealth of information with me as well as CNA's that I pray will go on to Nursing school because of their abilities, compassion and great attitude/work ethics. In my eyes these CNA's do not make enough money for the work they do. They are valuable and not rewarded enough financially. !

    Northeast Pennsylvania

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    I saw a post here suggesting that someone place an ad to do private duty nursing (LPN). I have been considering this myself but am unsure as to how to go about it. Insurance of course is necessary, but how much and can anyone offer suggestions as to were to obtain (I now have a policy through NSO). Also, how about being bonded as well as insured? Charting? Any information that you all would share would be greatly appreciated. BTW, I am in NE Pennsylvania, small town and very close to some "wealthy" areas.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Quote from Alnamvet
    You are right...just like the N in CNA....and the N in NA....and like the N in NT....a CNA and a LPN just doesn't cut it anymore; get over it....feel slighted? that's on you...get used to it :stone

    CNA = Certified (not licenced) Nursing ASSISTANT (NOT NURSE)
    NA = Nursing Assistant (not nurse)
    NT=Nursing Tech (not nurse)



    I am not a wanna be as you call us, but a trained, educated member (licenced just like the RN) of the Healthcare field. I do not only hand out certain medications as you say, but insert foleys, give injections, assessments, wound care (and no not just a band-aid) end of life care, emotional support and much more.

    So yes it is offensive when you come in hear and say an LPN is a wannabe. WE ARE NURSES

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    Quote from carcha
    We have had this problem so many times , this hospital is so clever, its employing non nursing staff, LPNS and getting the RNS to cover their asses to make the insurance carriers happy. If this hospital is insisting you check all that u sign then hell, DO IT. Then when everything is behind and everyone is screaming you are simply doing what you are told. At all costs protect yourself because no one else will. I have been there and went to my manager and told her yes I will sign but I will check everything and guess what the practice changed. Good luck.

    Just a question....are you saying that LPNs are non nusting staff?

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    Quote from LonghornSara
    hehe, some people get so miffed over the internet.

    Geez so what even if I did call you incompetent and bad uninformed nurses? Which I did not. My original post was highly misread.

    Nurses love to gripe.
    No nurses do not love to gripe

    I may be wrong but it seems like you are trying to egg this thread on by your latest comment...

    I am uncertain as to whether you are a nurse, but Maybe a better forum for you to ask your question would have been a WebMd site or the such they have excellent information for patients there.

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    I thought the same thing, I am a nurse but not ob/gyn, have three children, not planning anymore (tubes tieD) and never heard of the nuvring.....

    Quote from renerian
    I am wondering why if someone does not know about this "ring" would you think they were not a nurse? I am a home health nurse/elderly clients/no ob peds patients/ with hem/onc/bmt experience. I hated ob/peds and do not even stay abreast in OB/peds. My kids are all older. Nurses alot of the time are specialilzed and cannot stay abreast in every aspect of nursing or one would never sleep.

    I hope someone responds to your post. It had a non pleasant tone which I am not sure if you meant or not. Ahhhh the glory of non face to face contact. Things can be inflected that are not meant.

    When was your last pap? I have had several pregnancy tests that were negative but low and behold 8 months later I had a bundle of joy. I am certain it could be stress. I wish that would have affected me at one time, LOL I was never that lucky to miss or have an easy one.

    Have a good day,


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    Quote from CNM2B
    I remember back when I first joined (geez, that was so long ago...2 months) that someone mentioned having a NCLEX review book all through school and that they referred to it a lot. Would you recommend purchasing one to use as a reference tool throughout school? (after orientation today, I'll have a ton more questions, I'm sure! LOL!)


    When I was in school, i did purchase a couple different nclex books/cd's. the one i like best was mosbeys and also the suanders cd as they broke it down into sections such as neur, skin, mental health etc so i could study off of what was relevant for that time in school. For me personally they were a great addition to studying my class notes, books. It turned out that my instructor was using questions from these books as well. (not that she would tell anyone beforehand) But the questions were word for word.

    If you do use Nclex books/cds just be sure to use your class outlines/notes as well and only study what you are working on at that point in time otherwise you may end up lost.


    Best of Luck..

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    Quote from missboo622
    [font=Comic Sans MS]Being a poor nursing student, I have decided to make my own pinning/graduation invitations to save a little money. I want to have either a short quote or poem to go on my invitation, but I am having trouble finding meaningful ones. The saying that my school put on their invitations is "May I be a kind and dedicated nurse. . ." While I like this one, I was hoping to find something else that would be inspirational. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Good luck to all the current students and especially to all of my fellow graduates!!!
    Hi, I too did my own invitations...if I can find a copy of one I will send it to you. I used a couple of Florence Nightangale quotes and some clipart that I came across.

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    Quote from KMSRN
    I don't see how they can charge her with murder. If a baby's life is based on the choice of the mother, then allowing one twin to die could not be considered murder. If that sticks then they could charge women who have late term abortions with murder. :stone

    It would be legal for her to have a later term abortion but not refuse a c=section? Not that I agree with the decision based on what they are stating as her reasoning..but the law in this case is being hypocritical

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    just wondering if any of these children w/strep also have tourettes or tics of any sort? There is a correlation between strept and tourettes.