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    Thanks everyone for the great posts-Ive made some errors and I carry the guilt around everyday...kinda makes me dread going to work..Im learning through my mistakes and taking responsibility for them.
    Mistakes Ive made-Ive given the wrong PO med, Ive infused and IV pibbyback too quickly because I did not check to see that the tubing was hooked up before the IV pump so the med ran in wide open, Ive hung the wrong PPN bag instead of TPN and recently I inserted an NG tube that could have distrupted a suture line. Ive been a nurse for almost two years and everytime I make a mistake I learn from it and am humbled by it-and Ive learned to not judge others. I wish we had a one time mistake rule-once you make a mistake once you are not allowed to make it again. We need to go to the nursing gods for that one. All I can say is Thank (the true God) God that none of these actions resulted in harm to the patient..THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. And thanks to everyone for thier honesty-it helps to hear that Im not the only one who makes mistakes.