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    hello,just joined recently-i am an overseas nurse working in the UK, i can't help but to reply to this post because wherever we go there will be people who will look at our color and race and that they will already have pre meditated ideas of who we are as a person just because where we have come from which i believe is unfair.i have received a phone call one night shift i was on,an enquiry about a patient-the caller have not identified herself but soon as she heard my voice she instantly said that she wanted to speak to an english nurse.i was gobsmacked because she even went to complain to the night manager that she cannot speak to an english nurse in this particular ward.when the english manager rang me i have explained my situation and she said she will ring this woman herself and tell her off then she wrote an incident report to support me just in case this woman complain.i have also written an incident report to prove that i have received a phone call that is threatening and is racially motivated.i hope she learned her lesson well..God bless her anyway!