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    oh yeah i got it. thnks dear

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    Thnks for the reply silver !!

    Can u please elaborate wht does PNP route means?

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    Hello ladies!!

    I have done BScN in 2007 and working as a RN in surgical area. em just wondering that is it true that in Alberta, job freezing is going on?? I m an IEN, applied in CARNA since feb 2009 and waiting for my eligibility letter. keeping my fingers crossed but really worrying at the same time.

    Can anyone help me to find an employer/recruiter. I m willing to work in Calgary or Edmonton.
    My next query is that, em single right now but will be marrying at the end of this year. I have heard that usually spouse can also get visa on the basis of work permit. ???

    will be waiting for you views