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    I have been back doing MDS's for about 2 years, after doing med-surg for a couple of years (I did MDS for about 5 years previously). I just started a this postion, MDS casemix and PPS for a 50 bed SNF. I can't believe the additudes of some of the staff here!! The job is pretty much the same as before I left, not much you can do with the RAI proess to make it different at different facilities in the same state, but I just don't know if I can work with some of these people.

    What happened today by far was the worst . I went to do a admission assessment on a resident. I usually check the treatment sheet, count the meds on the MAR (I always wait until nurses are done with their med passes), check the CNA sheets, grab the chart, then go to the room to assess/interview the resident.

    Today I went to grab a chart on the person I was doing and the floor nurse stopped me, saying "you can't have that". I said, "oh, do you need it first for a while? What time do you think I could have it" She says "I don't have time for you today, you can have it tommorrow, maybe". Well, at this point I was flabbergasted. I basically asked if she was joking, and she said "nope". The DON was sitting right there, her office is literally 2 feet behind where this took place, and she never said a word. She looked up a couple of times, but never commented.

    I returned to my office to calm down, then went and talked with the DON. She basically told me that the nurse was having a bad day, and I better just do that resident another day, and oh, BTW, maybe you shouldn't do anyone on that hall today. I tried to explain the importance of doing these assessments timely, and that I was NOT going to back date just b/c the floor nurse was having a bad day, but got no where.

    I am still the new kid on the block, I hate to start making waves so soon, and I'm at a loss on how to handle this. Is it not bad enough we have to deal with no charting/documentation, trying to follow all the guidelines, make sure careplans are prefect, keeping track of all the timeframes, etc, etc, but now I have to worry about not being able to do my job b/c a nurse is having a bad day?

    Any advice welcomed............please help!!