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    Congrats on passing!
    Hope this can help, its a link to a job fair in Tea neck NJ.

    Goodluck! :wink2:

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    Good post Angelfire-

    My life song - Joyful girl, by Dave Matthews
    My song related to nursing - Im coming out! by Diana Ross
    When I have a bad day- Fighter by Christina Aguilara
    When I want to unwind- Sentimental mood- by Coltrane

    Where's the fun in following when you can LEAD!!

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    As a new nurse, I would say a "bad" nurse who be one who does all the things a good nurse would NEVER do. From my experience, think of a time you got lousy service while in public. A bar, a restaurant even a clothing store, now take that experience and put that into a medical environment and taa-daaa....a "bad nurse"
    I once overheard a nurse say to another she was going to make me wait ( as a patient) because my crying was ******* her off. Crying quietly b/c I was in pain.

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    Im from the East Coast and found this for you

    Hope it helps!

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    On the topic of being sexy both in and out-

    any suggestions on what type of hose to wear to reduce the chance of varicose/ spider veins?
    I currently wear nurse mates compression knee hose, when I remember.
    any suggestions? :bowingpur

    thank you from a Wintery Wonderland

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    Nice thread.....
    I keep my sexy by working out on my days off and treating myself to a mani/pedi once in a while.
    While at work, Lipgloss is all the Sexy I need.

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    I used the SUzzane plan, STUCK to it and passed!
    Her plan is amazing and in this economy its free! The only thing, again, you HAVE to be committed to following her instructions and being true to yourself and you'll pass. I have a few friends who used Kaplan, paid the 500, dilly-dallied and failed. And there are others who did pass.
    Good luck on whatever you choose! :wink2:

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    Hi Vegasstudentnurse,

    How bad/ hard is it to find a job in Vegas? Sell me pros/cons. I was considering possible relocation there from the East Coast. Love the weather for starters.
    Thank you, sunny.

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    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Hey there, Ive been in your shoes. I know what it feels like to not pass the first time. I was DEVASTATED! I didnt want to talk to anyone or anything. I gave myself a week to just relax and mope around then I began to do my research on what I could do differently and came to this AMAZING forum and found SUZANNES PLAN! I did it, followed it, lived it and breathed' it and as of an hour ago I PASSED!

    Give yourself plenty of time to study! I had close to 3 mos to get it together and I did!
    DOnt be discouraged! BE focused and you too will pay that 7.95 to read the word............pass!


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    [font="comic sans ms"]i passed!!!!!!!!! after my second attempt! i passed at 75!! goodluck to everyone taking it.
    one piece of advice, though its obvious: breathe, relax and read each question carefully!! u can do it! xoxo

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    Sorry to hear that you failed. I know how you're feeling. I recently failed my boards.
    If you search on this forum there are SO many suggestions, SO many words of wisdom and encouragement. Remember though, the first step starts with you . Take your time and read through them. I plan on using Suzanne's Plan. This is a very supportive and understanding forum. Be patient and be well.

    Below sites Ive used!! Hang in there.

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    Hi all,
    Share your grades with only those you trust. I have come across so many people I thought were friends but learned as the semesters went by that they were not. I learned this by their sarcastic remarks about being a "know it all" when im FAR from that.
    These same people would all of a sudden sit next to me during test time. I would only ask those I considered friends and then review on what I didnt know. Becareful what you say, I cant begin to tell you how many times people would confront the professor about other student grades. Some prof. ask we not discuss it at all.
    The professor would always announce the class average which had to be a 77 or higher. Goodluck to all.

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    I can understand how you feel. I failed my boards lastweek. I was beside myself. After crying for a few hours I spent time with people who matter most to me. Then I spoke with a few advisors from school and regrouped. Now I am planning on starting the Suzanne PLan and using Saunders. Im giving myself more time and reducing the pressure by NOT telling anyone my next test date. The pressure of everyone knowing was too much for me. Goodluck to you and I say this, You, I, WE, passed nursing school which isnt easy. We've made it this far. Thats says ALOT!

    Goodluck, be well.

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    Cali and mrsmoo- thanks- I will do chem. FIRST, Then microB, both over the summer-

    Im not taking ORGANIC though- Im taking CHM 285 Physiological Chemistry

    Our courses are combined A& P 1 & 2
    Im getting ready for school- (Jan 26)
    going to start NEW Studying techniques
    thanks to all of you great people on this board!

    Thanks for the input and goodluck to all!!

    Hey Dietrying- goodluck and is there a nursing future/need in seattle, wa?
    We were thinking of relocating there.