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    I’m being hired by Tenet (hopefully) on a telemetry unit. The EKG test was very easy for me but I was completely unprepared for the medication test. I needed an 80% to pass and got 78%; I get a 2nd chance. If I fail a 2nd time, does this mean I don’t get hired? I’ve already given my 2 week notice to my current hospital.

    Make sure you know your nursing math. Some of the questions I missed and can remember are:

    Heparin: contraindicated if patient has pork allergy
    Hydrocortisone: use cautiously for patients that have adrenal insufficiency
    ACE Inhibitors: D/C if patient c/o of swollen tongue
    Smart pumps: know about “hard stops”
    Brentuximab (Adcetris): for treatment of Lymphoma

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    My interview lasted nearly an hour with the nursing director of this Tenet hospital. She appeared interested; I guess that’s why she wants me to come back for a “peer review” this Saturday. I guess this is when 2 or 3 RN’s ask me questions but I’m really not sure what to expect. My references have not yet been contacted.

    Thanks to those who have given me advice.

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    Hello All,

    I've been a med-surge RN at a local county hospital for three years. My desire is to leave this hopital and see what else is out there. I have an interview with a nearby Tenet hospital (in a very nice part of town) on a telemetry unit that will pay significantly better than what I am making now. I have three references from charge nurses that I like and know well from my current hospital. I don't really have the best relationship with my manager of three years; therefore, my concern is if Tenet contacts my manager. I prefer to be the one that gives notice to my manager and say "Thank you, the past three years has been a great learning experience". How does another hospital go about verifying an RN's past experience? How should I prepare for this interview? Please tell me what to expect.


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    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"]For those who asked, I live in the Ft. Lauderdale area; not a big city
    but not rural either. I believe $25.30 is under paid for this area.

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    I've been working my first hospital job (med-surge) as an RN for over two years now. I want to check out other hospitals and I think the best way is to look into per diem positions while keeping my current position which has benefits. How should I negotiate pay rate when they pop the question about what I expect?

    I'm not too pleased with my current employer (hospital). I'm sure conditions can be brutal at any hospital but I have to find out for myself. The hospital I'm in now depends highly on government compensation which is contingent on patient surveys. This is a public hospital; at least half of the patients are uninsured and have an inflated sense of entitlement. I understand that I have to take care of 7 patients at time but what really makes the job difficult is equipment failure. For example, the computer system is antiquated, slow, often crashes, and makes charting a horrendous.

    Another disappointing issue (and I don't mind saying) is that I'm only making $25.30 an hour, up from $24.60 when I started two years ago. If I felt I was a sub-standard RN, I would admit it; however, I feel I do a much better job than some of the RN's with more experience. Management finds excuses for my two minimal raises during the reviews; it always something disparaging regarding job performance. I believe as long as I stay, they will always find a reason to hold me back. I think this county hospital is broke. Also, I believe Florida is a low paying state but I think I can do better than what I'm currently paid.

    I can't be complacent anymore and have to search other avenues. I'm not privy of how to search other RN opportunities and it's time to look. This site seems like a good way to start.

    Thanks in advance for comments and advice.

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    absolutely not. here is south florida the hospitals continue not to hire new grads. i have gone beyond the applying online routine by visiting the hr departments. basically the say, "we are not hiring new grads, but thank you for stopping by, good luck".

    i really don't like hearing "good luck". luck didn't put me through nursing school and has no influence of whether or not i can find employment.

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    if what you say is all accurate, i believe this student was railroaded and made to be an example. this school sounds like the school i went to, broward college (bc) in broward county fl. i am delighted this crap is behind me, because bc would not have hesitated to get rid of me being that i butted heads with a couple of clinical instructors. if i was one exam away from graduation and set back a year, this would have ruined me. i was already set back a year because i had to repeat two courses which set me back one year.

    i’m sure all rn schools have rules regarding cell phones; yet, we do make mistakes and forget to turn them off and many of us use recorders during lectures. he’s probably not the only student that left the cell phone on. it is bizarre they felt it necessary to call security. again, if everything you said is true regarding your “friend”, most schools have a grievances department or avenue students can go through. however; i think these departments are not necessarily student advocates. if this fails, he may want to start interviewing attorneys; he may or may not have a case. the bottom line though, it is an uphill battle.

    my condolences and i pray he has a favorable outcome.

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    Hello All,

    I need advice on nursing schools to pursue a BSN degree and eventually an MSN. I have my ASN degree through Broward College which was formally a community college and I have an FLA RN license. I live in south Florida between Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. I prefer online classes. My overall cumulative is only 2.55, so this may limit my choices.

    The colleges that I am considering are:

    • FIU (Florida International)
    • FAU (Florida Atlantic)
    • University of Phoenix (expensive)
    • Nova Southeastern university
    • Keiser University
    Please give me your suggestions.

    Thank you,

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    FINALLY, after two emails and two visits to the human resource department, I landed my first hospital interview.

    I am a new grad (ASN) and obtained my FLA RN license 6 weeks ago. Naturally, the hospitals say "One year experience and BSN preferred". I have neither; rather 3 months as a home health nurse and an ASN degree.

    This is for a position in the Emergency Department in a well-known hospital. This is precisely where I want to be and I am so privileged they are granting me the interview. It requires every weekend; this is OK with me.

    So, what's the best way to prepare for this interview? What kind of questions should I expect and prepare for?

    Thanks in advanced,

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    I’m in southeast FLA, between Boca Raton and Ft. Lauderdale.

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    I have been an LPN for about six months and recently, I have completed my Associates Degree in Nursing and will sit for the RN NCLEX exam in about 2 months. I have hit the pavement, knocked on doors at nursing homes, and sent out about 100 resumes to agencies, no exaggeration. I can not find work. Can anyone suggest something?

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    I have been an LPN for about six months and recently, I have completed my Associates Degree in Nursing; about 2 months before I sit for the RN exam. I have hit the pavement, knocked on doors at nursing homes, and sent out about 100 resumes, no exaggeration. I can not find work. Even the crappiest jobs I can’t get.