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    Hi Ciege, I actually work in a library that serves the long term care community in the province of Alberta. We also provide materials to educators training staff to work in LTC, so we do actually have a few training videos for foot care, but nothing current. One of our videotapes came back mangled last week so I'm trying to replace it, just not finding anything out there and was very hopeful when I saw a post that said someone here was producing one. MAVC (Medical Audiovisual Communications) does actually have a couple of videos that we have here in our collection: Foot Assessment and Care; and Hand, Foot and Nail Care. The second has been updated and we'll probably get it but I was hoping for more. Did the Emory foot care course use videos? Thanks!!

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    Hi, I'm wondering if LoisJean ever produced the video tape she spoke about on some early pages. I'm looking to purchase a video for our library on foot care for seniors and I'm not finding many current materials. Found this site while searching the web. Thanks!!