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    Hey thanks that really clears up what I have heard...AN yea I have been planning for a long time and will have it worked out where I will not be working during my school. my problem is finding people who I can study with, or that want to. is there any advise you could give me about anything i could do to prepare my self before the program starts like any books to read or anything? once again thank you for your help and CONGRADULATIONS!!!!

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    hey Iam finishing all my pre classes this fall and taking classes this summer I will also be applying to the RN program at kilgore in aug to start in the spring. I have heard good and bad from the program but I am taking the CNA course classes in longview and people in the LVN program say it is intense but they have a good program and also heard from a a girl who dropped out of the RN program that they had a lot of pppl drop out because of the teachers well hey you should e-mail me or msg me on here i have been looking for ppl who are going in to the RN program in kilgore to share information and study well lemme know