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    Have any of you heard anything? I am getting a bit antsy.

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    I spoke to one of the nursing advisers in M101 in January and she told me that students who got into the program last semester scored a composite score of atleast 119. There is no set number to get into the program but i can't imagine it would fluctuate by much.

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    I go to kingsborough as well. I got a composite score of 136. Do you know when they are going to let us know whether we were accepted or not? Also do you know how many people they accept?

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    Just curious as to what everyone else scored on their NLN. I just received the results today and was wondering if i had a shot of getting into the program. Does anyone know how many students they accept and how they choose those students?
    I got a composite score of 136.

    Also if you are in the program at Kingsborough can you share your score. Thanks