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    Lupeeez,the school that I am interested in is called Genesis Healthcare Institute, they start RN in August,I believe.They are located in IL

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    [FONT=Helv]Good morning,
    [FONT=Helv]Lost soul looking for an advise..I can't make up my mind which to choose for RN program studies-community college (I would have to complete their LPN program first, and for that I'd need to take preadmission exam ,+4 prerequisite courses,they have a long waiting list too...The waiting list for RN is even longer, as well as the prerequisite course list ..My employer would reimburse 80 % of tuition up to $ 2000 per semester/$4000 a year for LPN.I would aim at starting LPN in Jan 2011 at the earliest..),or vocational school(they offer admission to RN program directly, no waiting list,since I have completed my CNA program there , my employer would reimburse tuition 100% for RN program .RN program tuition is 27 K,it is a 2 year program.One can exit the program after 1 year, and become LPN,if need be.But they are only accredited by the state,they are not accredited by National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission at the moment).
    [FONT=Helv]Thank you in advance