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    Congratulations! Good job!

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    I tried NCSBN way back 2012 and I absolutely loved it. I got 55-100 range and it was really helpful. Do not based on the scores too much. If it gets lower than 60%, just do some brushing up on that certain topic. Then go on to the next q-bank. Good luck!

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    Quote from blankz
    hi guys! i need your help on how to take qatar prometric exam! and for those who already took the exam.. pls. share the questions that you guys remembered that occured in the exam! so i can add for the topics to review.. i dont really have an idea .. pls help! takes a lot! Godbless!
    More on Medical-Surginal nursing. You may use NCLEX reviewers for practice at least a week before taking the exams. It's easier than NCLEX so you should pass. Good luck!

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    Hello AN! I'm a Registered Nurse in Vermont and currently working here in Doha, Qatar as a Nurse. Of course, while waiting for an US employer and hoping that my Vermont nursing license will not go to waste, I am now planning to secure my Visa Screen Certificate. I checked the CGFNS website and got quite confused.

    I don't know if I will still be required to have a Credential Evaluation Service (CES) Report since I was not required by the Vermont Board of Nursing to secure one before they made me eligible to sit for Nclex-RN exam - I took and passed my Nclex exams last March 2012 and just renewed my license this month for another 2 years (until 2015). Or should I just continue with my securing my Visa Screen Certificate?

    I have not taken any English exams yet, but plans to take IELTS this year. Should this come first before applying for the CES/Visa Screen Certificate?

    This site really helped me when I am about to take my Nclex-RN exams before and was hoping all of you good nurses there who had the same difficulties as mine now can share their any information about my questions.

    Again, thank you and more power AN!

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    I've worked as an Ophthalmic nurse for 2 years and I can say I'm happy with it. What we mostly do is like a clinic/outpatient nursing. We do the basic visual acuity tests and then forward it to the Ophthalmologist for a medical diagnosis and for other tests. If a patient has cataract, we then prepare them for an outpatient Phacoemulsification procedure. We also provide them with the preoperative and postoperative teachings, as well as lens counselling - so they can choose which artificial IOL will suit their needs. We also act as scrub or circulating nurses during the surgery (Phaco, Trabec, Pterygium incision, etc.).

    It might get boring after sometime but the reward of someone seeing again clearly is very satisfying.

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    Quote from patri
    I am from canada did my BScN from York university ready to apply for visa screen but confused about the part where we have to send an application to our university from we have perused the degree. How did you apply for it? I mean do we send the application direct to the university? How de we pay for it and how do we know the university is processing it?
    You can check the CGFNS website for all of that.

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    I also used to Saunders when I was reviewing for my nclex exam. And I love it! It's concise and easy to understand. I literally took time to read the whole book cover to cover (took me 1.5 months) and I don't regret it. The downpart is the questions in Saunders were mostly knowledge-type-level of questions and in nclex, in order for you to pass, you need to answer harder/higher level questions - analyzing and evaluating kind of questions. But I still answered saunders questions, most especially SATA which is very helpful to me. Then, I used other sources like Kaplan QT's, Exam Cram, etc. to have more practice.

    As for the ATI, I only had the one as iphone app, which is very helpful to me as well, esp when I'm on the go. Good luck on your studies.

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    one must have a valid employment offer to be exempted from the fees - the employer will be the one to shoulder the payment.

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    UP, PWU, PCHS, UST, FEU, ST.PAUL-MANILA, LA CONSOLACION (MALOLOS, BULACAN), SWU(CEBU), SLU(BAGUIO) do offers MAN. You better inquire the fees, minimum and maximum units/sem and schedules through their respective websites. And as for the experience, I think most of them requires at least a year of nursing experience.

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    Quote from brigz
    I applied last week in an agency for Libya.
    I expected that they will give me at least 80k pesos for my salary.
    But the lady showed me the papers that their salary limit is only 900LD.
    The lady really encouraged me to apply because I already have 3 years experience and working in a 300-bed capacity hospital but I opted not to pursue my application.

    I'd rather wait for Oman or Qatar who has higher salary offer and safer destination for us nurses.
    With your experience, I'd really suggest you to apply for Hamad Medical Corporation here in Qatar. They do offer very good salaries(tax-free) and benefits (housing, transpo, air ticket, etc). Good luck!

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    Relax. Pray. Contemplate. You will be fine. You can eventually think of how are you going to do things the way you want them. Believe in yourself and have faith.

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    I'm so happy for you! And yes, all it takes is a lot of courage and faith in Him + some connections. =)

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    Quote from mjanalundasan
    I graduated in one of the Nursing Schools here in the Philippines (outside US), and i took NCLEX Licensure Exam a few months after i passed my RN License here in the Philippines...I passed the NCLEX Examination,and received a notice from problem is that, i wasnt able to read in the document which they sent to me that i should have verified or something like that, my NCLEX License...when i was informed about this process, i visited their website and i read that upon receiving the document they sent me, i should verify my license within 2 years or else, my license will be forfeited...

    more 2 years have passed now, can i still verify my license using the endorsement process in other US states? and if possible, are there any US state that does not require SSN for application?i cant have an SSN since im from outside, not currently residing from US and am not working in the US.

    As far as I know, Cali will not issue license if the nclex passer wasn't able to provide them with a valid SSN. Which also means you cannot endorse it to any state since cali hasn't issued you any license so far. But you can ask them to endorse your nclex pass letter to other state, however it depends to the recipient state whether they will accept it. Also, a lot of states right now have been requiring SSN for you to apply/endorse for a license with them. And I'm also worried that the 2years time for you to do some actions have already passed.

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