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    Quote from flpisces
    hi there ishep79...concorde does have pre-reqs, it's just that once you're accepted into the program you're in...meaning you do not do pre-reqs and then apply to the RN program...the pre-reqs that i'm taking now are microbiology, algebra, dev.psy, a&p 1 and eng....later, we'll have chem, a&p 2, and speech..we start nur.1/clinicals in 2nd term...we go from 8-12:30 except on thurs. we go til far it seems as though the teachers try to help any way they is alot of studying but you have to remember it's a fast-track program that only takes 15 mos. to get a 2yr. degree...hope this helps you

    Thanks Flpisces for your quick response!!!!!! If it's okay with you, I like to stay in contact with you just to see how the remainder of the program goes.:typing I know that you are probably incredibly busy but I have a few more questions regarding the RN prg at Concorde, so when ever you can will you please private message me, that way I can give you my email address so that I've able to ask you the questions direct. I've already contacted the school and they suppose to be emailing me back but I haven't heard much from them, hopefully I should here something from them soon. Again thank you so much and hope to hear from you soon!!!!!

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    Hi flpisces,

    I live in Guam (military) and will be transfering to that area and is thinking about Concorde but I'm soooooooo scared!!!!!!!!! I'm concerned about the classes, how it will be, if it a good decision for me. I've heard so many bad things about Concorde in Jax but very few good things. I'm so glad that you are in the program, hopefully you would be able to fill me in on your schedule, how your day is on a daily basis there, please!!!!!!! This would help out tremendously!!!!!!!!!! Last but not least, what pre-reqs do Concorde require prior to entering the nursing program? I thought because it is a vocational school that there are no pre-reqs??? Help please Thanks!!!!!!