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    I have heard bad reviews on Hondros College. I actually had a visit to Bohecker College and loved it. I am going to take my hesi test on tuesday. I would visit them both because you know what you are looking for and seeing them both will help you make a decision. I had set an appointment to go the information night at Hondros and to visit Bohecker. Went to Bohecker and didnt want to check out Hondros. As of right now I will be attending Bohecker's night classes in August.

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    Im not sure if they credits transfer either. They may have something set up wit certain colleges. I do daycare so my hours might change and I might be going to the night classes. I will probably know for sure in June or July

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    Hey I was wondering about Bohecker College (Cincinnati Campus) nursing school. I went in for a visit and tour. It looked like a very nice place. Im in the process of getting enrolled in the August day classes but before I complete everything I wanted to see how people like it. Ive heard bad things about this school but from my visit it doesnt seem like a bad school. I want to hear from someone who is attending this school for an honest opinion.