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    Thanks for replying. I am new and was feeling really sick over it. I grabbed the med but then discharge paperwork came through so I never had the chance to administer to patient.

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    Hi, I withdrew a blood pressure medication from pyxis . I lost the medication and did not return and forgot to report. What can I expect to happen?

    I am terrified to report now because it has been a couple of days.

    Thank you.

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    Below is a letter that was e-mailed to all students who applied to the 2009 program only 4 business days prior to the start of what would have been the 2009 program start date.

    Dear Applicant:
    The Admissions, Progression and Retention Committee regretfully informs you that the Department
    of Nursing will not admit new students into the Upper Division Nursing Program for the 2009
    academic year.
    As you plan for the next academic year, please consider continuing your education at Fayetteville
    State University in another degree program. You may also wish to pursue nursing education at a
    community college or another four-year institution. ................. Pre-Nursing Counselor
    and .................., Academic Retention Specialist will attempt to contact you via phone and
    email to discuss your future plans. If you wish to contact us before hand, please feel free to reach us:
    We wish you continued success here at Fayetteville State University.
    Admission, Progression, and Retention Committee
    Department of Nursing
    Fayetteville State University