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    Thanks. I feel pretty young...most days. I can hike the Colorado 14ters right along with the rest of the crowd. I agree with you about chasing dreams. I think sometimes I let negative people hang around in my space too long who are bitter about everything they haven't accomplished in they aren't about to high-five anyone else. At any rate, I'm moving forward for summer semester with my Child Psych and BIO 111. I should have all of my pre-reqs. finished by the end of Fall semester. Have a great day!

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    Hi everyone. I am 46 years old (or young, however you want to look at it) and decided last year that it was time to go back and finish something I started back in 1984. Now, none of my credits are any good so I'm truly starting over. I was all excited last fall and took my Psych 101 - aced it. Then chickened out and decided I was too old for nursing school. I still went ahead and took a full load this semester - aced all four classes. This has been a dream I've buried for a long time. Any thoughts on older students getting accepted to a program and then even being able to find a job after graduation? Or just any encouragement...discouragement?