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    I once read: "Lungs congested. Sound like wind rustling through Autumn leaves." LOL.

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    I think more than half of my graduating nursing class was over 30, including me!

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    In my nursing school, being a male did not give you any advantage. We were treated the same. If you showed up late, not in proper uniform, or didn't do your assignments, you were given what ever was laid out in the school's nursing handbook and class syllabus as a punishment whether male or female. As far as selection goes, the school goes by a points system which is determined by grades, pre-reqs, number of classes taken, scores on NET, experience in medical field, and so on. Application didn't ask if I was male or female. After graduation (and tons of hard work), I was not hired based on being a male. I was hired based on my references, interview, grades, and work experience. Maybe you just need to decide what you really want to do and apply yourself to it instead of worrying about having an advantage or disadvantage about being male. Oh, and there is no target on my back. All of the nurses I work with treat each other respectfully as long as each is doing his/her job (pulling your own weight) and helping out whenever and wherever needed.

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    Quote from FC RN BSN
    In nursing school, one of my fellow students wrote that a patient had a pulse grade of 2 for his posterior tib and pedal pulses. Too bad the patient had both of his legs amputated many years before he was on the unit...whoops. And here's your sign.

    I've seen charting errors like this one done many times, and not by students but experienced RN's....scary, huh?

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    Definitely apply! I applied before I graduated and started working as a Graduate Nurse until I took state boards. Get yourself out there now! There are only so many positions and if you wait the competition will be more fierce!

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    Supermoon, huh? I'm glad I'm off all weekend!

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    Quote from jkh
    A visiting psychiatrist from India was at rounds one morning when he wrote the following in the patient's note,
    "He is clearly psychotic this morning. He states he has a frog in his throat."

    I'm laughing so hard I'm crying!!!! That's so funny!