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    uh, why shouldn't they be? it's a physical task they've been trained and are paid to do. Or are we saying that because a few techs--or even all techs occasionally--make mistakes, no techs should be allowed mix meds? If that's the case we'd better just give up on healthcare all together because we all make errors and we can all negatively affect a patient.

    i personally make IV admixtures, neonate TPNs and chemos as a technician. more education is never bad but I think a better solution to these types of errors by techs is continuous process improvement. especially in this case. it was obviously a human error compounded by multiple process failures that turned what was essentially a typo into a tragic, unnecessary death.

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    I knew I wanted to work in a hospital and I knew I didn't want to be a nurse (just didn't seem right for me). When I started researching what jobs I might like to do respiratory came up as something I thought I might want to do. Classes are difficult because of how much info you have to process in a short amount of time. There's lots of reading, studying and skills practicing that you have to do on your own. We do care plans in our program (I had been hoping that was just a nurse thing lol), formal case presentations and vent rounds weekly with the director of the pulmonary program at our host hospital.

    It is exciting. I know I couldn't wait to start learning even though I was scared about some of the things we'd do like drawing blood gases etc. It's good though and after having clinicals at so many hospitals I think I'll enjoy being a therapist.

    I'm in southwest CT not far from NYC. Jobs are hard to find everywhere but I'm hoping I've made enough connections at various hospitals to at least get a per diem position to get my foot in the door. It helps if you're willing to relocate. Very large cities are going to have a lot of competition for jobs.

    Good luck, though! Let me know if you have more questions.

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    Hey, I'm an RT student. Start my last semester in the spring. I'll answer questions you have if I can. I also wish there was a site like this for RT's and RT students. I've tried the forums but they can be overwhelmingly negative at times. Let me know if I can help.

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    On Christmas morning a woman called out saying her Christmas tree fell on her. Jokingly, I made a fake call out the next day and said I couldn't come in cuz I got run over by a reindeer!

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    Not actual nursing apps, but I have iStudiez Pro which is a calendar/school organizer. I'm able to have all my class info, assignments, tests and project due dates in there. Also just recently got ACTPrinter. If you have a macbook or other apple computer it allows you to "print" documents to your ipod. I make study guides in word or scan pages/pictures from text books and download it to my phone so i can have my material available at all times without lugging books or loose paper everywhere. I also recommend a flash card app.

    Good luck in school!

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    I'm not a nurse but work at a pretty big hospital. They had masseuses come in for shoulder/back massages or hand massages with wax dip. Chaplain did blessing of hands. All units got huge beautiful flower bouquets delivered and every unit I went to had cake, cookies, candy and/or snacks at the station. There were several lunches and dinners and breakfast for the overnight crews. I don't know what type of gifts if any were given out, but everything else seemed pretty good.