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    Thank you. I have started exploring some other options. I am actually going to be living in Louisville and had considered U of L's accelerated program but heard bad things there as well. I am also waiting for a few calls from some private colleges in the Louisville area.

    I am from Indiana but currently live in Orlando and when I began looking I spoke to some nursing recruiters at the Louisville area hospitals and they all kept mentioning Ivy Tech? As I applied and continued to inquire for information I have noticed that there are many unknowns.

    I will keep exploring my options. Thanks again.

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    Yikes! That worries me. I did see on the website that they are hiring for numerous positions in the nursing school. I have been trying to get some info as far as how many they accept and what has been the past cut off points? When you look on the Ivy Tech Message Board they say contact the nursing admissions director rather than discuss and distribute misinformation but, when you call they are very short and do not give any answers.

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    I have applied for the RN program at Sellersburg and have not seen or heard anything about the program either. I am wondering how many seats are available in the program and what the cut off scores have been in the past? I have previous undergrad degrees and a MS in Mental Health and am more worried about getting into nursing school than I was graduate school.