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    I think I'm pretty much on on the right path... I had all my titers done, etc.

    I also saw Robin on Thurdsay! she is fantastic. The cost of this isn't cheap by all means.. But they do whatever they can.. she really works with you. But if your already caped out on FIN AID like your staffords, then you have to apply to salle mae, and if your denied, then they offer you in house. Lots of info that helped the ease of the cost of all this... I thought whatever we don't have we have to pay up front... But its not that way, we can make reasonable payments...

    so whos going for what? RN or BSN?

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    I just my thumbs up from kelly.. I"m for the JAN 2010 BSN... horray!

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    I am not to sure. I'm still having a hard time getting in to one. But from what I hear they are usually quite flex.

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    Yes I have to agree with that one to. As much as i think i would go back.. life takes hold sometimes.. and time is more valueable <-- sp? I think.. Kelly told me I have to wait until OCT before i can submit my application. because of the classes i have left. But this summer I'm taking a english one (because they won't take the one i have ugh!! ) ap 2, and stats.

    BTW-- did any ya'll take stats? Please give me details. i still don't know if i should take it online or lecture. As I prefer online classes...

    and in the Fall Micro, and anther english..

    Humm.. See i thought i could apply in July for January classes too... IDK.. I should double check..

    Any tips, that i don't know so i can pass vocab? Did any of you have to re-take it too?

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    So did you get in? and what program are you shooting for?

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    Hi Ya'll!!!

    Well I plan on entering the April BSN program. I took the Hesi in April, and I have to retake the vocab. I did find it the most difficult, and it was the area I had that hardest time. I've taken Medical Term. -- but just a few basic skill from there helped.. not much...

    As far as study guides... I also bought the Kaplan one.. because i was really freaking out over the test...
    the test was much easier that what was in the study guides, and all words where in sentences. (i'll be glad to tell you more if you like) i didn't like the evolve one all so much... however, after taking the test, the vocab words in the areas are important, i did see many of thoes words. (don't just study the ones in the vocab secstion, there are ones in the science part too more with bio.

    Math was lots of fractions, and few english-metric converstions. brush up on that..

    Reading was alright-- long...

    as far as the flash cards.. i read so much .. don't waste your money...

    Umm personaly I did not like the testing area, i felt like a cramed fish in a can. and right next to the break room! I only missed the vocab by 4-5 points.. soo i really think that had some affect on me... I can't stand distractions when i'm taking a test like that.

    As far as.. october, I was going to go in the asn... but well thats full, I'm closer in my classes for the bsn anyways.. so i'll be trying to get into the april one.. Kelly told me when i finished my test they where only going to take 30 students, and then 6 on a back up... but its alot harder now... than it was a while ago, also its a good thing they got there accrediation!!

    soo.. I'll talk to you ladies later...

    btw, i re-test vocab on the 29th of may... I was tomorrow, but i don't have a rush!...