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    hi loryn,
    I passed the cgfns last march 2006 and ielts last december 2005 and waiting for my visa screen certificate,but since i focused on the exams i don't have post graduate experience yet since my graduation last march 2005. Did your direct employer require you for a year of experience, cause i heard there are some who do not require for experience anymore...just want to know if its true:spin:

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    I am a new grad year 2005, relatives from the states give advice on what actions to take. I already passed both cgfns and ielts, i grabbed the opportunity when they offered to pay for the said exams. Now, some would say "take the nclex first" others say "better to get experience first". I'm in the process of getting a job, unfortunately most of the hospitals in the city are full since there were too many nurses passed the local board in 2005. At this moment, I'm confused. What do you think should I do?