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    Thank you for such a great article. It provides me with the will to go on and complete the task I have set before myself as well. God bless you in your endeavors, I already know you will do well.

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    When I first started the LPN program, both of my instructors made it seem like you needed to be working in the medical field if you were going to work at all. To them it only made sense that you have a job as a CNA or something related if you had a true desire to be a nurse. I agreed, but do what you have to. And as a CNA myself, I found the job very rewarding and it is true that you don't make a whole lot starting out, but you may get with an employer that will pay for school and they may also work with your schedule. I would think that a nursing facilty would be more prone to work with your schedule and support your goals quicker than other types of employers. Your learning benefits them as well as you and you can learn from the other nurses.

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    IIIIIII! I guess you could say I'm starting towards nursing school. I am actually starting over. I had started the LPN program at PTEC in St. Pete, Florida in October of 2008, but I immediately dropped out after I realized I was unable to keep up. Why couldn't I keep up you ask, because we had 7 teachers in the first 5 weeks and each one was a little different and it made life difficult. Almost felt like it was a learn on your own type of situation and while I am responsible for my own learning, help me here people. Anyhow....long story longer, I am starting school at Manatee Community College (soon to be State College of Florida due to adding a 4 yr BSN program) on May 12 to work towards an AS in nursing. Because I have pre-reqs to do that are going to be easy, ENC 1101, DEP 2004, etc, I am thinking of doing a dual enrollment with Manatee Tech to work towards an LPN so that I can do an easy transition into the RN program after a year of my prereqs. Crazy.....I know.

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    While you may feel like a single parent, you do still have the luxury of your spouse on the weekend so you can use that to your advantage. As an actual single parent 24/7/365 I have found that when my schedule gets hectic, it is best to get organized to make my life a little easier. I achieve this by ironing all of ours clothes for the week on Sunday. As an African-American my girls can't just get up and brush their hair and go so I also do their hair on Sunday for the entire week and tie it up every nite. Some Sundays, I will cook dinner for Sunday thru Tuesday and on Wednesday I cook for Wednesday and Thursday. Friday is the eat out day, no matter what. Also, because I have my grandmother to help, she is good at preparing meals for us so that I can focus when I get home. I keep my house as clutter free as possible, because I can not function in a mess. Now, while I am at school, I may prepare my index cards for easy study access. Now that 2 of my children are at the age that they can understand what it is I am doing, 11 and 8, I can utilize them to help me study. For instance, while taking car trips they can read a definition and I can give the word. Or whatever I am studying, I get them involved. Not only does it help me to learn, but they may pick up on some things too. Although an exact schedule can get monotonous, it is best to have a Monday thru Friday routine so that everyone knows what to expect. You will have plenty of time for play and fun after you get that degree, certification, and you can make the best of your weekends and vacations. Be blessed and good luck.